Drayson racing sets a new record for electric car racing at Le Mans

Le Mans racing is one of the most anticipated events of the year. All the speed racers as well as lovers anxiously wait for this tournament to begin. Each year has been iconic and this year to has marked its significance. Drayson Racing, which uses Le Mans prototype, has set a new record. This prototype is an electrically powered car that has entered in the sub category of 1000kg. A new record of reaching a maximum speed of 204.18 miles per hour has been made.

Drayson racing is the creation of Lord Paul Drayson. Apart from being British science minister, he also has a passion for driving and racing. Under his guidance, an electric car which is named as the “B 12 69/ EV Le mans Prototype” was created, especially for this racing tournament. Drayson set the record yesterday by racing at the final speed of 204 mph.

The car has a Lola Chassis which houses a Judd V 10 engine using bio fuel for its functioning. Inorder to achieve an unbeatable feat at the race, some crucial changes were made to the aerodynamics of this engine. Power is obtained from 4 electrically driven motors that are located towards the back wheels. The car has a single speed transmission. The maximum power obtained is around 639 HP. The battery used is a Carbon Cell battery providing a maximum current of twenty kW- hour.

Drayson Racing Sets New Electric Car Record

It should be noted that Drayson has set a record for the FIA registered vehicle at the Le Mans. The world record for the maximum speed reached by an all electric car is in the name of Venturi, French Company. The maximum speed attained by them was 307.7 mph in the year 2010. Venturi still holds this record.

Drayson is also trying to make a record for the fastest acceleration at Le Mans. We wish Drayson and his team, all the very best.

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