Dubai Police Adds $550,000 Lamborghini Aventador to its Fleet

As we keep on telling, Dubai is the most lavishing place on earth and its citizens are famous for their wealthy assessments, inclusive of some ultimate niche cars in their kitty, now to prove the mettle we have one more initials that will definitely say, “Dubai is just one of its kinds.”

The word “Lamborghini Aventador” which we are very familiar with and also an aspiring term on adrenaline core, will now be attached with the fleet of Dubai Police vehicles, and yes that’s true in all the sense, they will paint it in white and green to match the other siblings of kitty.

Nearly it is a $550,000 offering and the words of deputy police director, Gen. Khamis Matter al-Muzaina – “how classy Dubai is,” tends to go hand in hand with their decision of patrolling that Italian at tourist spaces rather than being used for snatching thieves or other offenders.

Dubai Police Adds Lamborghini Aventador
Meanwhile, oil rich Sheikhs must be thanked for apprising this sort of development in their land, whereas we also got to know that Chevrolet Camaros too may become a part of their so called super power fleet; ah, we are drooling what the policemen of Dubai have got to say, as they are soon going to envy super riches, accelerating their powers and also burning rubber at some of the traffic signals, lucky chaps!

Dubai Police Adds $550,000 Lamborghini Aventador

Lest, when is your next trip to Dubai?

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