Dustruck: Dacia Duster 6×6 Pickup

Had anyone ever dreamt of buying Mercedes-Benz AMG 6×6?

Probably every of them will say YES, but taking it furthermore – no one may have imagined a Dacia Duster – which is also known as Renault Duster in countries like India and such – on six-wheels like that of the beasty Benz.

However, the another side of the coin to it says, no one would deny also if given the “Duster 6×6” with some powerful engine and a pocket-friendly price tag.

Here to realize a one’s fantasy, the Dacia is said to have a built a one…at Titu Technical Center in Mioveni!

Dustruck Dacia Duster 6x6 Pickup

The vehicle which one can see in the pics on this blog is taken at the display of the technical center, which they say is powered by a “V8”, wherein in some reports it was also mentioned with 1.5 dCi or a 1.2 TCe under bonnet. No one had seen it moving, so no affirm gestation.

Project wise, engineers had tagged it as Dustruck, but certainly there aren’t confirmations whether this vehicle going to enter the production.

We believe, the automaker shall bring Dustruck to some auto shows in the coming days to get the response of rolling it down the production line, because the drive of it will be exciting.

New Dacia Duster 6x6 Pickup

Renault had made 1,000,000 Dusters since four years after the launch.

We can believe, this Dastruck will be next level if the automaker wants to achieve something big in the industry of SUV – going extreme than always.

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