External Airbag Technology Launched by Volvo

Volvo is no doubt known as worlds first in the making of safety features ahead of anyone else, and this time is also no exception, leaving everyone else overwhelmed by launching the external airbag technology in terms of safety and protection just like its various unique features.

Though we should exclaimed some words for the Swedish carmaker as it thinks more about our lives than anyone else in the industry, inclusive of some nice driving metal as well.

New technology is known as the External Vehicle Protection (EnVeloP) system and is the latest offering after the pedestrian airbags being added on its list.

Volvo launches external airbag technology
This exclusive feature works on most similar basis of our conventional airbags and henceforth same type of material is used to make this one also. The external airbag is stored in a small container on the roof and blows out with vacuum whenever it senses possibility of car collision with another car or maybe some other roadside lying objects. Taking some notches higher, the new airbag also inflates when there lays a possibility of vehicle to get in contact with surface of water, must say a frugal innovation for the mankind’s safety in automotive arena.

If one would see a complete inclination then it is got to know that, overall car gets enveloped in the surrounding of airbag when it places into action within a fraction of second after sensing the activity, or a blink of an eye is more than enough to convey its reacting time.

Volvo V40 Pedestrian Airbag

Commenting on their new tech-fi advancement, Thomas Broberg, Senior Technical Adviser Safety at the Volvo Cars Safety Centre says, “This new safety feature is the embodiment of the Volvo brand philosophy, Designed Around You. All we did was taking a very literal approach to Designed Around You. Instead of finding new areas inside the car where we could add more airbag-like safety systems, we asked ourselves: why not cover the complete car in an airbag-like solution?”

Meanwhile, EnVeloP system is in the pipeline of testing department and will soon be featured on models as soon as it will complete all the necessary tests.

Let’s make it more interesting, Volvo V40 was the first model to receive pedestrian airbag, now Swedish automaker is leaving us with a guess, which lucky model plate will be the first to receive this technology?

Any guesses!

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