3 Entry Level Sedans To Buy in Used Car Segment: Part 1

Entry level sedans are the ones that are now targeted towards youths but shying away from used car segment is not something called ‘cool’. Used metals are ones who feeds all our aspirations to core and if one tend to go with the options of new one in the market, then he may be able to do with hatchbacks rather than something big in that price band, all thanks to rising prices being made by our government officials. Naming to some of the doubts on buying list, a well known pre-owned dealer is an ultimate solution to all your worries.

In the present scenario, there are such persons who earns around Rs. 1 lakh in a month but goes for used category, in fact there is a friend of mine who is proving this ideology to fullest. Again, he is not the only personality to be stratified this way, there lies his whole peer circle and many more as well, who tends to be doing on the same path as he is.

As of buying the entry level sedan, one is bestowed with ample of space and a nice amount of boot space, which it is all being deprived in hatchbacks and of course all that can be utilized on a long journey where there is always a scarcity of space in the younger yet compact siblings.

Mentioned below are the three coolest entries which fall easy on pocket at maintenance cost, and also fetch peace of mind when it swoops out on city roads. Meanwhile, they can be found in ample of number with various dealers, hence no worries to wait till someone sells it in the used car market.

1. Maruti Esteem:

Maruti Esteem is the well known face of Indian automotive industry, and even kids can easily resemble it when they see out there passing by road. One may think that how do these models make some cool status quo? Well, it is, one has to do with the new models and a bit of interior tweaks, that will definitely help a lot.

Maruti Esteem

Lest of all the aftermarkets, when buying Esteem look for extra grownups by the previous owner, and if there are such, then we would suggest to avoid that make, it is because, that will be unknown what nuisance had been passed on to metal by employing those extra stuffs and, if there lies a strong desire to buy such of sports beauty or such, best option is to do it yourself after buying it in the original avatar. The decision of DIY will make best exercise when it will be taken out for maintenance, you will know what you have added and in which way. To an extent, previous owners tend to hide some of the drawbacks by deploying those furs of fitments.

Apart from all the clutters, drivability of Esteem is one of the best in price range, inclusive of affordable maintenance cost. It can be said that, a local mechanic will also help you with shortcomings in case, if the breakdown is faced amid long journeys and so. Engine tends to be peppy and yields numerous grunts to climb on almost any of the specified tarmac. Enough examples lie with the pre-owned dealers, and makes of 2005-08 is the most suitable option to go with.

Diesel trend can also be caught up in ‘Esteem-ed’ model plate, but one has to go sometime back than the 2005 registrations, of course that is also safe to add on your buying cart.

2. Chevrolet Aveo:

Chevrolet is an American carmaker but has rolled up its sleeves to enter deep in the veins of Indian audience. Those several attempts by the carmaker may not be found on the new trendy and flashy market ground, but on an exclusive note its pre-owned market value is the one to be talked about when being considered in the upper segment than of hatchbacks. Concluding figures up to half million or so for many of its models, it proves a better and a healthier competitor against India bound badge in our local second hand market.

Chevrolet Aveo

Talking about the Chevrolet Aveo, one needs no plethora to explain its upmarket quotient, as it is very much famous in our fraternity, with the smart golden tie-bow logo embedded on horizontally slanted chromed front grille, ample of space and premiumness inside, and also available in cool paint jobs, which we can say is the best bet in used car industry. Aveo’s paintjobs are the one which really extracts an overall clean aroma at the first glance itself. Fuel economy and maintenance cost are the ones that had not to be looked after every now and then.

It is a decent car and appeals men as well as women, so no dilution of contrast ideas when being driven by any of them, but for us, it is a bit more manly so if the women would choose to opt red shades and so then it is okay; while a youngster fits better behind its steering rim, and it would also be perfected when his wife may accompany on the front seats. In short, it is a complete family car, henceforth no looking for at least 3-4 years after its purchase. Go for the 2007-09 models.

3. Hyundai Verna:

Hyundai Verna is the premium amongst all three and may also bite you harder than those competitors, while that is dependent on particular year model you select. But as of now, here we can tell you are Verna is the blend of practicality, comfortable interiors, decent built quality and good reliability. All these components are deeply filled into its core and on a most important note it is spacious as well. As we are already informed, Hyundai is famous for the low running cost, henceforth don’t need to worry about the high fuel bills, while it contradicts to the maintenance part, one has to do with additional amount of cash, on comparison, when he chalks out some sort of maintenance activity. But that is bearable when given with the plush interiors and coziness along with it.

Hyundai Verna

There is a ‘jumping with joy’ factor in Verna, as an option of diesel motor also lies beneath its hood. If would take walk around of Verna, a more fluidic stance feel would grasp every bit of it than anyone else, for which Hyundai is very famous; the upkeep of pace with time is also a think about behind its cute aerodynamics. Consider 2006-09 work for the better output in terms of money.

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