Farmers planning to send ‘Stop Work’ notice to Maruti’s new facility in Gujarat

Maruti Suzuki’s forthcoming facility in the city of Hansalpur, Gujarat is having problems. The village residents are making plans to forward ‘stop work’ notice to the well-known auto giant as all feel that the productive ground in the province will be lost to the facility and this, in turn, will have a negative effect on their lives and livelihood.

The Mandal-Becharji zone in Mehsana region, where the company’s facility is being set up, has been announced as special investment zone. The key aim of the said special investment region (SIR) is to magnetize international as well as Indian giants to establish industry of international standard and offer ample jobs to local, expert personnel.

It is somewhat like a special economic zone (SEZ). However, does not entirely concentrate on exports.

Farmers planning to send 'Stop Work' notice to Maruti's new facility in Gujarat
The special investment region offers an alternative to build residential entities and logistics connectivity together with the manufacturing as well as business entities. The village residents feel that the productive land in the region will be purchased with the aim to construct commercial as well as industrial entities. Out of 40 gram sabhas (village committee), 36 gave their approval to the decision on May 31st to go up against this development.

A village resident in Hansalpur stated, “Already a draft note has been made and village residents are thinking over the matter and taking lawful advice. Everybody believes that the establishment of the Maruti Suzuki’s facility at Hansalpur is the main cause of the special investment region (SIR), and are currently against having the facility in the area.”

Mr. Ajmalbhai Thakore, the village head of Hansalpur, stated, “We already had manifold debates with the collector of the area and have also forwarded notes to the firm asking them to permit passage to our rural community. We have demanded land for roads and also some farming land has come within the scheme. But, we are yet to get any response either from the administration or the firm, and if the building work carries on, then the whole idea of the resistance might be lost.”

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