Few check-up tricks if your car broke down

Yesterday, I got a message from my friend saying that why all the unfortunate things are always erratic and unexpected. However, people say that you can be well prepared for that, to which I politely reply that yes you can. But the question here is not that you are well prepared or not rather it is about, what if you are not then? Say for an example if your car broke down in the middle of a road what to do if you were not prepared for it? Yes, I was talking about the same blank expression you have right now on your face. But actually this makes me wonder what to do in such circumstance. Hmm… so here we are today talking such unfortunate events like the break down of your car and what to do next.

Anyways before going deep further into the topic, I’ll be letting you know only the basics because repairing your car in the middle of the road can be a bit tricky. So, this article won’t teach you how to repair each and every part of the vehicle rather I’ll be telling you what should be your next move if a particular part gets damaged. Further,  your car has many parts, out of which some might be repairable and some might not be. While you change your un-repairable parts when there is any problem, I would suggest you to do the same for the repairable parts as well in times of some intense problems with it. Reason being that particular part of your car loses its strength then, and won’t be able to give its best performance after the repair.

Our first condition is when you turn on the ignition key but the engine doesn’t give anything in response. What to do at such time? Ok so there are three fast checkups. First, check the battery status. Second, check that whether your battery terminals are clean and no oxidation has occurred. Third, check for any breakage or loosened up wire in the main battery. Fourth is not a check-up step rather it is a step to work accordingly. So if there is some wiring problem then go and attach the wire with the main battery, but I would suggest you to wait for a bit and first let your engine cool down a bit, if it was earlier running. If there is some oxidation problem then clean it and check whether it works or not by switching the ignition on. Thirdly if the battery is low then first, shout at yourself that why didn’t you check it and charge itlast night and then try and call up the service centre and ask them to deliver the battery asap.

The second condition is when your ignition gives response but doesn’t start. So, in addition to the above mentioned step, I mean check-up 2 and check-up 3 now you have few more check-up to deal with. The first possibility is that your fuel might be over so that’s why your car is giving you response but not your engine is not, as there isn’t enough food for your engine to feed on.  If that’s the case then I’m afraid you have to push your car to the nearest petrol pump. If fuel is not the issue then check whether all the fuel lines are well connected, well if that is the problem then you have to dirty your hands, who else do you expect you to do that for you, in the middle of the road. Next, check whether all the main wires are connected. If they are then well and good, move onto the next step but if they are not, then please don’t try and try to prove yourself that yes you can do it. Because you might hurt you car even more. If you are done with all that and still it doesn’t work then there is a possibility that the timing belt might be broken or fuel pump might have failed. So call your mechanic and ask for help.

Now we are on to the third condition. So, if your engine is giving you response but not the response which is required in order to drive your car in good mode. I mean, if you engine is providing you an irritating and erratic behaviour then there are only two checks you need to follow. Then first try and think, are there any rodents in your compound or society, I mean, where you park your car? No, I was just kidding, though not totally. Rodents sometimes harm your car by damaging the wires of your car. So, the first step is to check whether any of the wire is torn, broken or loose. If those are all ok then next you have to check all the fuel pipes. If the pipes are also ok then go and call up the mechanic right now. Were you waiting for Christmas?

So what is the moral of the story: Be well prepared in terms of checking your car’s battery status, making sure that you keep your vehicle rodent free and knowing that there is no harm in keeping the mechanic’s number saved in your cell phone especially the ones who promise ‘instant repair anywhere’.

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  1. its fun to learn this check-up tricks as their were many pranks attached to it, thanks a lot for explaning in such a nice fashion.
    m expecting a lot more stuff like dis from you in future…..

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