Fiat to Revamp its Product Lineup and Distribution Approach in India

Italian auto manufacturer, Fiat has been operating in India for a while now, however whether without much success. The company first entered the Indian auto market with a joint venture with Indian manufacturer, Tata Motors, back in 2007. The company has managed to sell only 21,066 models compared to their production capacity of 80,000 models.

Fiat India is now going to give their distribution and product strategy a much needed overhaul, in a bid to give a boost to the decreasing sales. The company’s top officials recently paid a visit to India for helping the company’s Indian management to rebuild the company’s brand equity in the market.

The company is reportedly going to launch a face lifted hatchback variant, the Punto and the Linea sedan that will be followed with the launch of a small car. The Linea and Punto cars that are currently included in their portfolio, have not been meeting their targets sale figures. The company is also in talks with their dealers for opening separate dealer outlets for their brand to help create their own identity.

Although Fiat India is looking at opening separate dealer outlets, Tata will still provide their support in marketing efforts.

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