FIAT unveils new theme at Fiat Caffe, Pune

12th July, 2012 is earmarked as the foundational day of the “Italian Technological Marvels” theme revolutionized by Fiat India Automobiles. The event was kicked off on a grand scale and the basic motive of the event was to throw light on the upcoming Italian engineering masterpieces that will be making its way to India within a span of 2-3 months. A wide range of inventions were showcased to the audience present at the event and some of these inventions included Batteries, Electric Motors, Internal Combustion Engines, ball bearings and Microprocessors. Special screens were set up solely for this purpose.

Fiat has been in the mainstream thriving automobile market here in India since a long time now and the company is extending its roots into the country with a range of new marvels lined up for release. The purpose of this campaign was to enlighten officer-goers, students, business-persons, as well as prospective buyers regarding the stronghold that the Italian automobile industry has and the capability it possess to innovate in such a manner that it sets a benchmark for the company in the market.

Fiat Caffe in Pune

Two new ventures of Fiat namely 1.3L Multi-jet SDE as well as Common Rail Direct Injection Technology were also showcased on the screens at the Caffe. Mr. Enrico Atanasio who happens to be the head of the commercial wing of Italy’s engineering technologies threw light on the prospects that Italy held for automobile engineering whereas on the other hand Mr.GurpratapBoparai, Head of Fiat Power-train presented an aesthetic overview of the Multi-jet technology. The walls of the Caffe were designed with posters of various inventions that have taken place in Italian over the past few decades and this is something that gave prominence to the event. There were a range of innovations of Fiat that took place in the last few years including Multi-jet and Blue&Me. The whole decor of the place was in sync with the theme of Fiat that was to be launched there. Fiat had been looking forward to launching “Italian Technological Marvels” since a long time.

Fiat Caffe is a place that has everything for a person who has been an enthusiast of Fiat since a long time. Customers can get to see the latest models of Fiat that have been launched into the market as well as the one that are about to make its way to the Indian roads. Apart from that, one can also take test-drive of the cars with proper guidance from dedicated personnel who have been specially trained to adhere to the satisfaction of the customers in the best interests.

The whole history of Fiat is there at the Caffe and there is even a library that has books on the yester years of the company in which its foundation was laid into the ground. The atmosphere at the Caffe is truly Italian in every justifiable sense and this is what makes Fiat Caffe one of the best places to visit for all automobile enthusiasts.

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