Audi R9 design looks forward to future as high-performance sports saloon

Audi has always excelled in any of the car categories it entered. The carmaker never lagged to explore new categories. It can be justified by the way Ur-Quattro, V8/A8, R8, A5 and even A7  Sportback succeeded in the market.

Recently, VasilyMarkin, a designing student in Russia’s Moscow State Technical University “MAMI” (MSTU “MAMI”) has been reported to have come up with an idea of integrating elements of the aforesaid cars to create a flagship sports saloon in his final year thesis project. The idea of combining the best features of Audi’s best cars is certainly which would result in something innovative. The design study has been named the R9. The R9 is being expected to be Audi’s avatar of the Lamborghini Estoque. The design of the sport sedan will certainly combat closely with cars like Porsche Panamera and even the Maserati Quattroporte.

Audi R9 design looks forward to future as high performance sports saloon

If the inspirations of the R9 are concerned, it’s found that the car’s front appearance revolves around the 2010 Quattro Concept (which itself is inspired by Ur-Quattro coupe), while the roofline looks quite similar to the one featured in the A5 and Audi A7. Apart from these, the R9’s design has been made in such a way that it doesn’t overlook the inclusion of Audi’s all-wheel drive system and a front-mounted engine.

The design of the Audi R9 certainly honors the past products of the German automaker, while looking forward to the future at the same time. Although there are very fine chances that we will be able to see the R9 soon on the streets, but Markin has certainly sparked his vision of igniting his R9 with a powerful V8 engine.

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