Fiat’s 0.9L TwinAir CNG Wins the Title of World’s Green Engine 2013

When there is run for title, everyone in the automobile industry doesn’t leave a space for anyone else to barge in the quotient on which they had worked for years and years. And if it is the case of getting awarded with the title of best engine then all things come to halt, because nowadays the successful engines proves cash cows for carmakers as it gives them more revenues than what they would derive at the end of day after selling a car. Hence, that was not meant to be mentioned here but we say the future of automobile industry stays on the power running mill. And this time at the award winning ceremony for power mills, Fiat had proven its worth with the 0.9L TwinAir CNG engine. The complete title of this Italian powerhouse stands as ‘the World’s Green Engine 2013’.

This CNG jag of Fiat produces 80 bhp, whereas the petrol version of same wobbles out 104bhp whilst of more outputs in the different states of tunes. The Fiat’s 0.9L petrol too had won Engine of the Year in 2011.

Fiat’s 0.9L TwinAir CNG Wins the Title of World’s Green Engine 2013
Being a twin cylinder 8 valve engine, Fiat’s 0.9L focuses on reduction of weight, frictional and thermal losses. That is not actually the main emphasis of 0.9L displacement here but more to it, the TwinAir CNG consumes 3.1 kg per 100km (around 32.2 km/kg) and emits only 86 g/km of CO2, which we can say is surprising enough for the jury to bestow it with the World’s Green Engine 2013.

Clean and clear in all the aspect, it is no doubt for us that carmaker must have invested a lot of time and money for its development, and the top of all their countless efforts. However, we are thinking when it is going to land in India? As presently we are in a tremendous need for such similar type of categories due to the rising petrol prices.

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