Fluence Based Electric Car to be Made by Renault in China

In what will come as great news to both car lovers and environmental enthusiasts, one of the leading auto makers globally, Renault has announced that it will be manufacturing the first electric vehicle of the company in China. Renault has tied up with many local companies in various countries across the world to launch its products and in China too, the car will come as a portion of the Renault Dongfeng joint venture.

The new car is to be based on the Fluence Z.E. However, it will be produced by Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company as part of the joint venture. The car is to be produced at the company’s Wihan plant and is to be sold commercially as part of the local Dongfeng brand. To be released around 2017, the car is to be sold in the Chinese market alone as of the present scenario.

Fluence Based Electric Car to be Made by Renault in China

In the present scenario where emission regulations and environmental responsibility are very much in the limelight when it comes to the automotive market, this does come as a shining light for the industry. China already faces a lot of vehicular emission and this would be a step by Renault in creating a product that would reduce the same. With a planned annual output of 150,000 cars annually as of now, this is part of the ongoing effort that both Renault and Dongfeng are taking to aid and abet sustainable development.

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