Flying Car by Terrafugia all set to be showcased at the New York International Auto Show

Finally the much awaited Flying Car is going to be on display at the New York International Auto Show this April. The Flying Car known as “The Transition” has been developed by an American corporation called Terrafugia and will be available in the market for purchase by the end of this year in the US with all the necessary clearance of the government departments concerned.  If we believe the sources, the company has already received orders for around 100 units even before it has been showcasedat the Auto Show. Built by the Massachusetts based aeronautical company, the technical name of “The Transition” is “Transition Roadable Aircraft”.

Terrafugia Flying car launch in 2012
It is a light sport aircraft powered by a 100 HPRotex 912S piston engine, capable of flying in a range of 425 Nmi (489 miles or 787 Km) on automotive grade unleaded gasoline or regular unleaded gas, at a cruising flight speed of 107mph. The cost of making the prototype in 2006 came up to US$ 194,000. In 2010, “The Transition” was granted an exemption on its Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) by the FAA. This very same year in 2010, it was granted exemptions by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which allowed it to use a polycarbonate windshield, use tires which are suited for an aircraft and highway for landing and take-offs. It does not include an electronic stability control system since it could unexpectedly cut off the power supply during a flight.

While it is on ground it uses a rear wheel drive. One can easily drive it down the road to the runway without the need of a trailer and since it’s small, just the way a car or pickup truck would be, it can be parked in the garage as well, without the need for a hanger at all. Wings can be folded by automated electromechanical functions, so no manual interference is required.  All the basic features in case of an automotive crash are installed into it as well as a parachute for the carrying the weight of the entire vehicle. To operate this vehicle one needs to do 20 hours of flight time and get the sport Pilot permit which the company also offers on request. Flying Car is expected to carry a price tag of US$ 279,000 when it is launched by the end of this year.

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