Ford and Schaeffler exhibits Fiesta based eWheelDrive vehicle

Ford along with Schaeffler has exhibited a Fiesta-based eWheelDrive vehicle, a driveable research car, which could result in betterments in urban mobility as well as parking by producing smaller and quicker vehicles.

The Fiesta eWheelDrive car is catered by independent electric motors in each of the back wheels. This new technology offers up additional room under the bonnet, earlier used up by the engine and transmission, and in all-electric vehicles by a cardinal motor.

The eWheelDrive technology leads the makers to introduce novel steps in order to fabricate smaller vehicles. It could assist in the coming time to make a 4 person vehicle, which only needs the space of a two-individual vehicle nowadays.

Fiesta eWheelDrive Car
The eWheelDrive steering mechanism will also lessen the parking troubles, as that could permit cars to shift sideways into parking lots. This could potentially be the appropriate method in order to tackle the coming time as cities turned more inhabited as well as congested.

Pim Van Der Jagt, Ford director of Research and Advanced Engineering in Europe stated, “This is an energizing project to function on with Schaeffler as it potentially opens novel alternatives for the growth of zero emission cars with very effective packaging and exceptional maneuverability”.

He further added, “Eyeing forward, we have the chance to scope out the car’s capability and how we might overcome some of the challenges demonstrated by enforcing the technology.”

With in-wheel motors, the constituents needed in Fiesta based eWheelDrive vehicle for drive, retardation and driver help techs are equipped in an incorporated wheel hub drive, comprising the electric motor, braking in addition to engine cooling arrangements.

Peter Gutzmer, chief technical officer, Schaeffler stated, “This highly incorporated wheel-hub drive makes it possible to reconsider the city vehicle without confinements, and could be a major component in new vehicle ideas and automobile podiums in the coming time.”

“We confront challenges that will have to be dealt through time, idea and investment,” added Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s global trends and futuring manager.

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