Tata Motors Xtreme Drive in Mumbai : Full Report

“Tata Motors” is the name which fathers and grand fathers must be suggesting to their children now, but our generation is the fastest amongst all of our predecessors, and yet it should be, because we are captivated with the massive development of internet on all four sides and so its applications, namely smartphones, laptops, palmtops etc., which was not a part of the past generations, and being bestowed with the brands like Jaguar, Range River in its kitty, Tata seems to be overcoming not even on the foreign aspect but positively on our national plethora too. Exclusively, answer to the fast and furious debate is “Safari Storme” – termed as a beast by its makers, where after getting an experience of Xtreme Drive we too are feeling the same.

Today itself, we were bestowed a chance to get our hands behind the wheels of Storme at its Xtreme Drive event in Mumbai, a part of their promotion campaign to cover many cities of India under the dirt bound excitement. Unbelievably for some of the time gaps, Tata was not happy with its own moniker and that cited due to the unattainable impact of Aria and other models, hadn’t reverted the well softened ground for car maker, but glaring a stare at the new Safari pinches us the throttling extravaganza, and well justifications can be concluded to be far stratified-win when the actual off road are given underneath its tyres.

Tata Motors Xtreme Drive in Mumbai

Lest of the general talks, event took the start at 11.00 a.m. and we received the very first dose of galore, was taken by hook when dab the feet on throttle. The world was taken aback and various set of track came in front of us, calling those, following names are slated in bold to be out here on the stand:

  • See-Saw
  • Bumble Bee
  • Terra Pod
  • Dwindler
  • Rumblers

Eating the things in flap by flap we received every one of them in a precise manner, and imposingly that bespoken trainer in the car refrained us for pumping in more of the possible force in drivetrain. To be true, his line of action for the less acceleration on the first gear heaped us to cross those paths at ease,  which at first we weren’t so confident to grasp them being an untrained off-roader. The below mentioned info are more of the details which had given us an inspiring reason to buy this vehicle, if had the money in our pocket.



See-Saw on the grounds was similar to one that is placed in the children playing area, the only difference here is ‘size’ and that does matters when made for the such big bonk. Clearing the clutters before discussing details, it was placed in such a manner that from one side the car has to be taken onto the board by which the other side of flick will bent down due to weight and would made way for us to get out of the fuss, just like a conventional one. When we drove the vehicle on its first stepping foot, we were sure about the damage be caused on suspensions, but on the other side there was a zen type of smile on our faces due to safe landing, almost from the rugged air-plane type machine. The suspension had proven its rigidity on the see-saw clause, well concluded, Tata Safari Storme will not let you down in the jungle lands where inevitable bumps are common traits and this metal is perfectly fitted for them, hence proven.

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee was placed for feeling the actual crisps of off-road, paved in the huge form and the vehicle has to pass them in whatever the given condition is. Ours metal, and others too, had crossed this exercise with leaning down on the side by massive 30 degree, giving us a feel of addiction-to-accident prone activities. Its hovering fragments are not only one or two but they were the ‘total three’ being placed opposite on either of the sides claiming to turn down the Storme in any claimed direction, and aggressively they also did not commit mercy in the task, called so stinking in the nature, they throw of another exercise just before the previous ends. ‘Shifting ups and down from this side to that side’ was our condition in the car.

Terra Pod

Terra Pod

Terra Pod and the Dwindlers are meant for the next level of exercise, being different from the above duos, Terra Pod puts the actual work load on torque figure, that most of the organizations claims only on paper, and the 320 Nm of torque of Storme is sufficient to take on the uphill task under a different high notch. The platform here was so high, at its ‘mid-peak’ trail the only thing in our visibility was the “sky”, couldn’t even see ground ‘a bit’, and vice versa to the similar condition when were coming down from top.


Dwindlers, all of us must have gotten an idea what this word will have to say in the following content, hence we will not explain you much of this trick, lest informing that, there were two of them placed, where one is suited at a 30 degree and the other one at 35 degree. The 30 degree pointed marking was crossed by us previously too (in Rumble Bee), so was tension free going for the same one again, but thrills start catching up when our vehicle directed towards the higher patch, 35 degree. It wasn’t too easy to cross the particular segment, the expert inside our Safari explained, it is possible only to due to VTT (Variable Turbine Technology) in the engine and to an extent high risen torque figures as well. Moreover, the vehicle can also stand stable on such earmarked slope, claimed and proven in the same drive by us too.




Lastly, after usurping the whole of meals there was a diet coke for Storme to conclude the dirt assortment with mild textures, and again the suspension was to put to test. Like any other rumblers on street (speed breakers) the one here was too the same, but difference was the wheels given in our hands – Tata Safari Storme, which crossed the bumps with so ease that nothing is felt inside the cabin, inclined us even broken city roads are not its enemy.

For the confirmation we drove new Safari more than dual-thrice, that is three times by me and other three times by the office colleague and can “Tata Safari Storme” is really an addiction in the dirt, can’t help ourselves to get over it!

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