Next-Gen Nissan Micra to be made at Renault’s Flins facility

With overproduction being a big problem for the majority of the car manufacturers in the European market, the well known car maker Renault has managed to ink a deal with coalition associate Nissan, which will permit its Flins facility, situated near Paris, to fabricate the next-gen Nissan Micra.

Production will commence in the year 2016 at an approximated yearly yeild of 82,000 cars.

As per Renault’s declaration, it was Nissan, which asked it to fabricate the future generation Micra in the European market at one of its facilities.

Renault’s verdict was to allot the yield to the Flins facility, the biggest plant it possesses in France that also fabricates the Clio supermini.

The firm’s conclusion also came as a consequence of the new labor deals inked with its union spokespersons.

Next Gen Nissan Micra

Titled “Agreement for new development and social growth of Renault in France,” the novel deal was inked on March 13 and permits the company to augment the competitiveness of its French facilities.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault Group stated, “This declaration is good news for Flins, however also for all Renault facilities in France. The attempts devoted by our staff under the Renault Agreement are commencing to bear fruit. Renault is in line to accomplish its commitments.”

Under terms of the agreement, Renault is committed to increase production volume of its French facilities by 180,000 cars, to 710,000 cars on an annual basis.

The renewal plan calls for 100,000 cars to come from Renault’s novel w products and 80,000 vehicles from partners.

Rolled out in the year 2010, the existing generation Nissan Micra is based on the identical podium as the latest Renault Clio.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance plant in the city of Chennai, India is exporting the existing Micra to around 80 nations. The yield from the Flins facility is likely to assist Nissan take some load off the Chennai plant that could perhaps be utilized for the forthcoming Datsuns.

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