Ford EcoSport to Launch in India on 4th March 2013 starting Rs. 5.99 lakh onwards

Ford EcoSport is really a huge launch for Indian market, as expected price is being kept quite low so the hatchbacks must get affected with growing trend of compact SUVs.

To actually hit the target audience Ford is trying every bit of effort, and after all it is the one which is going to derive a massive force for Americans being trailed by long Endeavour – ing legacy. Leaving those discussions for future, TopGear India had confirmed 4th March to be the auspicious day for our auto fraternity as the EcoSport will be rolled out in its super ambitious avatar on Indian shores.

There have been no declarations by the organization itself but strong feeling goes with the bespoken date because, Ford had confirmed in its initial statement that it would the beginning of 2013 for this Compact land grudger.

Ford EcoSport
As per to our earlier reports of EcoSport’s Geneva debut, we too expect those same powertrains for our market i.e. 1.0L EcoBoost, 1.5L petrol and 1.5L diesel. EcoBoost tops the chart with a wobbling 120 hp which is followed by 110 hp petrol and 90 hp oil jag. Need not to say, a smart feature called ‘SYNC’ will also be embedded in it for giving an evolving like temperament.

Prices are the crucial factor for Ford EcoSport launch, as the Ford had witnessed lacking in case of Figo with aggressive crimps, now it is going to adopt cost effective mode for reaching a large chunk. Diesel and petrol rivalries have gain strong tide with issues of government subsidy meant to be removed on diesel part, so the derivations are tempting to be dwindled on both the sides and confusing every carmaker; in such a case Americans had taken with starting band of Rs. 5.99 lakh to Rs. 6.25 lakh for petrol, while diesel would in between Rs. 6.99 lakh to Rs. 7.25 lakh. EcoBoost seems to be performing on the top of all in performance and in segmentation too, Rs. 8 lakh onwards – looks settled for something called powerful bumps.

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