Fuel efficient concept car from German Schaeffler in India

Owning and driving a fuel efficient car is always a big dream for the Indian buyers and believing on the sentiments of those buyers, the German producer of the high precision products and bearing solutions for the automotive industry, Schaeffler has now come up with a fuel efficient concept car for the Indian market. The concept car is based on one of the already existing B segment car, the vehicle features sophisticated drive train technologies and assure to reduce the fuel consumption by 10 percent.

The car has come out as a rigorous research from the company keeping in view of the customer preferences and the drive patterns in the Indian market. The vehicle has also been equipped with the electronic clutch management that allows the vehicle to save fuel in the idle condition mostly during the stagnant position at any traffic signal. The technology has been tested in Germany and can be applied to a wide range of vehicles. President (Automotive) of Shaeffler said that the combination of the economic component and the new fuel saving technology will help to improve the car performance and the competence in the vehicles.

Schaeffler unveils the Efficient Future

Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director and CEO of Schaeffler India, Dharmesh Arora said that the car is an answer to the massive demand for the comfort, performance, supply and economy. Other than this, company is also working on the new innovations for the two-wheelers and commercial vehicle segments. The company is aiming to see the future of the technology in the growing car markets and recent launch of the car is just the first step in that direction.

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