Ford Endeavour is Big Daddy’s Lad: Used Car Review

At the time when it was launched almost a decade back, Ford Endeavour was the only full sized SUV in its range, giving a big blow to all the competitors at a very single stance. But at the time before its launch, Ford was dwindling on the very serious note, wasn’t having sufficient numbers in the sales report to show at headquarters in US for continuing their operations here for more days. Meanwhile, the launch of Endeavour happened and then things starts falling into the place properly one after the other. Grueling the looks of true American on the front grille, it brought in a large number of footfalls to the dealerships. We can safely term that, Ford had turned down the scenario of SUV industry upside down when it rolled this SUV from its sleeve on Indian shores. Post the roll-out till quite long, we hadn’t seen the American carmaker had assorted any of the famous personality for its endorsement, and even they weren’t also flushing out huge balances to the advertisement notes. Later on as the days passes by, it then started losing market shares, competitors initiated to barge in the respective segment of the SUV plethora, and the automaker too felt the need to change the technicalities for a better standing in the fraternity. The day we still remember, at one point of time, finally the Blue Oval carmaker had rolled in Bollywood Actor Suniel Shetty for SUV endorsements, all thanks to his muscular physique and the brawny appearance, clearly resembling the Endeavour in its true flavor. But one thing that we had noted for this bug was, it’s best buddy were the rich spoilt lads, which in layman’s language sounds, high maintenance and running cost. Given down with the international looks, that flair of extravagant maintenance and running cost was tended to be understood without any bargains.

Ford Endeavour

Before springing out to buy a one, let’s clear the clutter that drives power under the bonnet of this full sized SUV. Basically it was launched almost a decade before from today, but it still retains all the charms that one may not get in the price band of a new hatchback. The latest and recent model is not peculiar to this bespoken range but the previous editions may fall perfect in the category of boot-chopped bugs. However, its not be said that sibling of Toyota Fortuner can be bought in the pocket size of a hatchback if preferred Endeavour in the used segment, but it furs quite up to those expectations itself. The first version i.e. before 2007 boasts a 2.5L diesel jag, the makers then fiddled it with some sort of up gradations in 2007. Then in 2008 the 3.0L diesel was introduced for it which then again went under the knife in 2009 to get the automatic gearbox assimilated. Here in the price range of hatchback, one can get the 2.5L of model before 2009 and the one introduced after 2007. Specifically, the desired vehicle should be of the year between 2007-2009, not down or up than that. It too had a reason for preferring this particular plethora, because the engines before 2007 were not given with the injection and all. That 2.5L engine was optimizing only the average performance with the ‘conventional’ 2.5 liter displacement. Hence, no enjoyment of driving it with the flamboyant SUV looks just on the outer crisp. On the other side of flip, the model given after 2009 are bestowed with the 3.0L diesel employed with the automatic gearbox. If one lifts his foot from the accelerator then braking mechanism comes into force, and as an outcome the vehicle goes into the neutral mode automatically.

Coming to the exact point now, Ford Endeavour absorbs in whatever is thrown to it. Ride quality is also very decent, but if one compares it with the new comers of market then there are lacking too. Hopefully, it can be managed, not so big issue if you look into bracket of price asked. And yeah, the trump card is here, it is made available in both the version i.e. 4×2 as well as 4×4. The chassis that pins it underneath bolts down an old school feel which is called ladder frame. Due to it, the space at rear seats gets coughed up and the floor sits up than usual, making to feel a bit tad in rear seats for the persons with a tall personality. Short heighted will not face that fructification. Front seats are the comfortable place to be in. Comfortable seating positions, adjustable height on all variants and a decent amount of back support gives you a good feeling than the rear.

The vehicles that falls in our prescribed criteria possibly would be ticking out more than 1,00,000 kms on odometer. Very less of them tend to fall in the lesser ratings, but that is a tough job to find a one like that. Though if you still don the 0.1 million figures on dials, then make sure you had checked the turbocharger. In most of the cases, it happens turbocharger go out of order while running this much digits. Otherwise, be ready to shell out Rs. 62,000 for the replacement. The telltale signs like black smoke form exhaust, poor pickup and falling mileage are the secrets to rip off the actual condition of turbo. And as usual, other than this, the electrical issues had also been brought to our notice. Most probably frayed wirings create fuss for us. Malfunction light on instrument cluster, and some other minor issues also pelts up due to it, which may sound unnoticeable on looking at them but they are the ones that creates big trouble at times when not needed.  Replacement of the whole wiring will cost you a sum of Rs. 35,000 – 40,000. Then thinking of replacing the battery, make sure the ones that you are going to fit in your car is approved by Ford, otherwise you will get yourself in one-on-one position with things like sensor failure and the delayed relays on applications that runs solely on battery.

The next big thing that this bonk need to be checked precisely is by the clutch plate. The new ones costs Rs. 60,000 and to make a check for same, dab the paddle and if it feels stiff than usual then there is something fishy under its nose. It should be checked very often as the vehicle surpasses 50,000 kms of voyage. It is a common problem to arise after this much clocking. The next, but not that big, stratification is the suspension. If the rattle type sound is heard from rear suspension then it means definitely needed new leaf springs to shut down the disturbing sound. It costs Rs. 20,000 whereas the lower ball joint hovers for Rs. 13,600 and the front shock absorbers are for Rs. 9,300, tempting a lower arm at Rs. 17,000.

The above mentioned giggles are the core technical ones, but the following ones are a day to day running expense. The engine oil is arisen for Rs. 2,030 and the oil filter for Rs. 375. The air filter will ask you for the change of Rs. 1,485 but fuel filter will pull out Rs. 1,879 from your pocket. All that needs the service of a person for doing things properly, so be ready to pay him Rs. 2,470 for the service driven.

Engine oils and filter remain safe inside the bonnet when once fitted properly, but what about the outer clamps which are always prone to accidents and all. We say, they are the actual cost-drivers that stretch our monthly budget to the double digit of calculated figures. Hence on Ford Endeavour, a wing mirror is just fetched for Rs. 16,000 whereas the single head lamp will trim off yours Rs. 13,600 from the pocket. Tail lamp is a bit settled, it costs only Rs. 6,990 and if by chance you felt to replace alloys then the service center will ask you for not less than Rs. 17,000. Wait, the show stealer is still left, and that is none other than the rear spare wheel cover, which costs a whopping Rs. 26,000. The clocked odometer of 1,00,000 kms also needs a replacement of timing belt, but don’t worry it is only for Rs. 1,400 whereas the tensioner grim in for Rs. 6,800.

The efficient thing about the Endeavour is its ‘fuel economy’, because in spite of being this much big, it returns 9 and 12 kmpl in city and highway respectively under the guise of manual transmission. Yet the automatic transmission also pumps out better ones i.e. 7-10 kmpl from the city to highway rage. Making a note here, we just need to confirm that these above mentioned figures are clocked by us and it differs from vehicles to vehicles, their makes and the condition. To be true, two similar vehicle of same make may not deliver the same output, because the drivers behind the seats are far different than each other on various terms.

Making a clear cut division for you to understand, 3.0L capacity is available in the 4×4 automatic transmission whilst of the 2.5L in the 4×2 manual transmission. We say you to go for the manual transmission because that’s better than the other option available.

However, this product of Blue Oval is a costly affair but we say the ‘drive’ and other bits had enticed us the most. We too even neglected the maintenance cost when saw the performance at the price of a hatchback!

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