Ford Fiesta Automatic Launch Around the Corner

While everyone was expecting to see the sleek fiery Fiesta Automatic tearing up some new rubber, the company had other plans. The Ford Fiesta Automatic was set for a launch at the 2012 Auto Expo. The Expo had been a great success, appreciated and admired by everyone who came along to be part of the newest hype on the block. Each and every upcoming car featured in the show and got quite a kick start in the New Year and that buzz carried forward to give them a sound buzzing platform for their launch. Ford had initially thought of exploiting the publicity that the Auto Expo was receiving to bring out the already mentioned Ford Fiesta but changed their plans at the last minute. Ford used the Expo platform to go for an unveiling. They revealed the latest in the line from the Ford factory belts; the Ford EcoSport.

Ford Fiesta Automatic Launch Around the Corner
The car makers decided to give the limelight only to EcoSport and take the Ford Fiesta away from focus, since putting forward both of them at the same time would be an ineffective marketing ploy. The car makers kept the launch of the Fiesta model for later. The Ford Fiesta runs on a six-speed powershift transmission which gives 16.86 km per liter. It features an electro mechanical control system which renders it better in terms of mileage than any other in the same category. This model also features some other unique add-ons like that of the Creep function and the hill/grade assist. This hill/assist is a neat inclusion in the engineering of the car, since it comes in quite handy on uphill steep climbs, as the car is provided a 2.5 second braking with the help of ABS brakes to prevent it from rolling back.

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