Tata Motors has high hopes from the New Sumo Gold

Amidst wide anticipation, Tata Motors unveiled New Sumo Gold in the market and plan to sell at least 18,000 units of the car by the end of this fiscal. Tata Motors has high expectations from the car and the company is primarily eyeing sub urban, villages and rural areas for marketing the car. Along with that, the Taxi market is also being seen to be prospective for the car as Tata Sumos have always fared well in the Taxi market.

Tata Motors have always been revered as one of the most trusted and established automobile brands in the Indian automobile market as the foundation of the company had been established almost a century back so the legacy of the company goes back way into the past. There was a time when Tata Safari and Sumo were considered as one of the most sold cars in India and were in a tough competition with Maruti Suzuki which still holds the throne for boasting most number of sales in India.

Tata Motors has high hopes from the New Sumo Gold
New Tata Sumo Gold
has been launched across four states respectively Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal as been told in a statement given by Tata Motors Head Ashesh Dhar. This is to enhance their marketing policy as the car has been launched in the prime states of four parts (North, West, South & East) of India. Now Tata Motors plans to increase their stronghold in the Indian automobile market as it has always had a reputation of being one of the most trusted corporations and plans to maintain the reputation. Thus the company is increasingly enthusiastic about the launch of the new Sumo Gold. Previously Sumo used to record 1100 unit sales in a prospective month but now it has increased to 3300 units which is a 200% increase. Reaching 18,000 units by the end of the year is just an earmarked aspiration of Tata Motors as if things go their way then they would gross around 24,000 units by the end of this year.

The new Tata Sumo Gold has already been launched in Punjab and is generating high sales there so owing to the sales rate in Punjab, Tata plans to have the same story across the four states where it has launched the new Sumo Gold. Before launching the car, Tata Motors ran rigorous tests and analysis upon which they came up to a final model of the car which could be accepted well with the crowd. Customer satisfaction has been the primary motive of the company and thus the designing of the car has been done in such a manner so as generate optimum satisfaction from the customers.

The new Sumo Gold has been launched in 4 different variants namely GX, LX, EX and CX and the base price of the car has been fixed to Rs, 5, 35,000 which goes up according to the specifications provided by different models of Tata Motors. Thus Tata has designed this car keeping the customer’s need in mind and thus aim to generate a wide buzz all across India.

The New Sumo Gold has been unveiled by Tata Motors across 4 states in India and the response the car has been getting is overwhelming.

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