Ford Figo Celebration Edition to Launch on 4th March 2013

EcoSport had grimed everyone with so much of love that any announcements from Ford just inclines intentions towards the compact SUV launch, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t love other American offerings.

Ford now had clear an air of wrong inclination by slating the launch of Figo Celebration Edition on 4th March 2013. Just to make sure that additional promotional heat should be raised in the fraternity by some more days.

Ford Figo has been recently tweaked but a need of more is desired because competition is getting advanced day by day. This hatchback had already got a cool number of customers, but in between had lost the string somewhere. It is never always too late, so Ford thought to give it a special treatment by adding more delighting streaks namely new paint jobs, cool upholstery, refreshed alloys, and a whole bunch of new features.

Ford Figo

An additional price tag will also be the part of Figo Celebration Edition pack, but that’s ok with the loyal buyers.

Getting back to the wrong part again, it might can be said that 4th April maybe scheduled for EcoSport and due to the month’s confusion all the hullaballoo had been created. While it is too early to say something like it but speculations don’t stop from pouring-in.

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