Land Rover Comes Up With New Electric Defender

As per reports, Land Rover is boosting its promise to cleaner running electrified cars by formulating a complete electric edition of its well known Defender- SUV.

The auto giant emphasizes that the said vehicle is not for production but to experiment e-car technology in all potential arenas, in addition to the doubtful realm of off-roading.

Seven models have already been fabricated, and all the vehicles are based on the newest 2013 Land Rover Defender.

Named the Defender All-Terrain Electric, the said electric SUV has been made to deliver zero emissions whilst retaining the company’s renowned all-terrain capacity.

Land Rover New Electric Defender
The electric motor gives you 94 horsepower (HP) or 70 kilowatts (kWs) and 221 pound-feet of torque with a single-speed 2.7:1 reduction gearbox. Single-speed transmission is enough because torque remains stable and stays at the peak all the time about 221 pound – feet.

This electric motor is powered by a 30 volt lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 27 kilowatt hour (kW-hr). It gives a range of 50 miles with moderate driving, and when you are driving off-road its battery will last for eight hours. The battery can also be charged with a 70 kilowatt (kW) fast charger or a 30 kilowatt (kW) portable charger. Fast charger will fully charge the battery in four hours and portable charger will take 10 hours.

It weighs 240 pounds, just 100 kilogram (kg) more than other land rover models boasting all the important qualities of a Land Rover. It has four wheeled drive arrangement, differential lock and off road it has performed better than other vehicles. It has also pulled a road train of 12 tonnes.

2013 Land Rover New Electric Defender

The remaining tests are still going on but till now it is up to the mark.

Antony Harper, Jaguar Land Rover’s head of research stated, “The said project is working as a rolling laboratory for the company in order to evaluate electric vehicles, even in the majority tough all-terrain situations.”

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