Ford Figo is going to be exported to 18 additional countries from 2012

It seems that Ford is trying to make hay while the sun shines. The automaker is presently enjoying a period in which it has been achieving complete success. To completely make use of this situation, Ford appears to be gearing up to stretch the domains of its fabulously designed Figo from the Indian domestic market to incorporate 18 additional nations where the car is going to record its presence before 2012 ends. This has been based on the excellent overseas demand for this car, according to an official from Ford. With this addition, the Ford Figo is going to achieve the enviable figure of 50 countries, in which it is going to register its presence.

The Managing Director and President of Ford India, Michael Boneham has said that the Figo is presently being exported to 32 nations and the company has made plans of touching the figure of 50 before 2012 comes to an end. This was revealed in a media interaction taking place on the occasion of the company inaugurating its dealerships in 35 more cities across India.

Ford Figo is going to be exported to 18 additional countries from 2012

The Ford Figo has been able to completely revive the fortunes of the global automaker in the Indian domestic market. It is well known that Ford had been struggling to achieve a foothold in India before the Figo had been launched. However, this hatchback has proven to be a hot seller and is surpassing its sales figures every month, which is giving the dealers of Ford vehicles plenty of reasons to smile. Though the Ford Figo has been witnessing strong competition from vehicles like the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Hyundai i20, it has still been able to achieve sustainable progress as far as the Indian domestic market is concerned.

Apart from its trump card, the Ford Figo, Ford has also boasted its portfolio in India with other vehicles that includes the Ford Fiesta Classic, a medium sized sedan, the Ford Endeavour, which is a premium SUV and also its premium sedan, the Ford Fiesta.

The new markets, in which the Ford Figo hatchback is going to be exported is going to be in South America, North Africa and the Caribbean islands. Ford has also started the process of setting up a second facility in India at Gujarat, which is expected to start operating from 2014.

Ford Figo is going to be exported to 18 additional countries from 2012

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