FORD’s 3D cave technology

When you first look at the room where the cars of the future of Ford are given a final touch, it seems to be a little incongruous. The huge walls painted white make a box on three sides. Each wall has images on it thrown by a projector. In the middle of the room you will find a dummy of a car. But you need to slip into the car and put on the 3 D glasses; you will be able to see the 3 D cave of FORD. It is the place where the cars are refined and designed in an altogether different way.

Ford makes use of the 3D cave process to verify and finalize the million details of a new car design from the position of the mug holder, size and the rear window positioning. The screens will immediately melt in the very realistic world which is totally virtual. You will be in the middle of computer machinery simulated inside of the new vehicle.

While working with the 3D CAVE technology in Germany, the engineers sit in the dummy of a car and the interior of the car is projected on the ceiling as well as the three white walls. The engineers with the help of the 3 D glasses and under the surveillance of a motion detector infra red machine, they come in contact with the virtual model of the vehicle.

Ford ’s 3D cave
CAVE makes use of an external world which is fully animated and you can see pedestrians walking and cyclists cycling. This helps the engineers to get an idea of the world outside the car, sitting in the car.

Mr. Michael Wolf, virtual reality supervisor, Ford of Europe. Stated, “We can now invoke a vehicle in the digital globe, and then really climb on and enjoy it,” “We still depend on the knowledge and thoughts of our trial product engineers to fetch designs precisely to life, but at the present they have at their clearance a much more advanced instrument to perform so.”

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