Maruti all set make foray into the LCV segment

After gaining success in the passenger car segment in India, Maruti will enter the light commercial vehicle segment in th country. A proposal has been approved by Maruti Suzuki’s board in order to start the production of these light vehicles. The report which was published in the economic times, mentioned the senior executive of Suzuki. It said that the information about this progress was revealed at the press conference with the vendors which happened last week in,

The first model being manufactured is the Y 9 T, which has features similar to Tata’s Ace. It will be loaded with a latest version of the 2 cylinder with eight hundred and eighty cc Diesel engine. The cycle of production of this model is in full swing. The Gujarat Plant of the brand will bring out the first edition of this model in the markets, expectedly by FY 16. Maruti is also working on a number of other locomotives of the same category which will be produced in India’s Research and Development centre.

Maruti is also in the process of developing a wide category of engines which will run on diesel. These engines will be suitable for the passenger vehicles as well as the light weight vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki to foray into LCVs
FIAT, the Italian brand is sourcing the diesel, Engines to Suzuki in India. A whole new family of diesel engines is being planned by the company. Thus, a lot of developments are likely to be seen in Maruti Suzuki India coming financial year.

Mr. Deepesh Rathore, India managing director (MD) for IHS Automotive stated, “I think Maruti would absolutely require looking beyond Fiat for the diesel mechanisms”.

The well known auto giant might also build up advanced engines, however there is nothing apparent from the organization at the present time. The innovative LCV will stand in front of of other popular models such as Tata Ace and Mahindra Maxximo.

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