Honda is planning to launch Civic Hatchback and CR-V diesel in the Australian market

Japanese Auto giant, Honda is now planning to unveil diesel version of its popular CR-V SUV and the Civic hatchback in the Australian market. Honda has recently revealed the petrol version of the CR-V in the Indian market but the diesel version of the same could take over a year to reach Indian shores. Honda probably will be revealing the diesel version of the CR-V by the end of the year or by early 2014 but the Civic Hatchback will be appearing much earlier than that most probably by April this year.

Honda which prominently focuses on the Hybrid technology in the Australian market now thinks that diesel will help them grow faster. Commenting on the same, Stephen Collins, Honda Australia’s Director and marketing head, said that company took the decision to enter into the diesel powered vehicle market as they saw a huge potential in the diesel vehicles and an opportunity that they cannot afford to lose.

Honda Civic Hatchback

It took quite a time for Honda to appear with the diesel unit in the Australian market, however, it has been selling its diesel versions in the European market for quite some time now. But for now diesel will be the upcoming strategy for the company in the future. Mr. Collins further said that just a year and half ago Honda was concentrating more on the hybrid technology but for now it has shifted itself towards the diesel vehicles. For now Honda’s strategy is a mixture of the Hybrid and Diesel units.

If we look at Honda’s India plans, after the launch of the Amaze, company is planning to reveal diesel version of all its existing models.

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