Germany-spec 2013 Suzuki Swift bags the XTRA Special version treatment

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not the Indian market only in which auto manufacturers consistently roll out “special version” to keep car fans’ curiosity active. This practice is widespread in automobile markets crosswise the world.

As per reports, 2013 Suzuki Swift Germany has just rolled out the Swift XTRA Special version hatchback.

The coupé is basically a re-freshened edition of the Swift hatchback, stuffed with added traits. The vehicle features the identical 1.2 Liter-naturally aspirated petrol engine, even though in a higher state of tune, which gives up 94 PS as against the 87 PS yield for the Indian based Swift.

2013 Suzuki Swift XTRA

The German-based Swift XTRA hatchback also boasts a special “Bison Brown” paint job, which is restricted to the special version vehicle.

Out of all these characteristics, Maruti Suzuki would excel to provide the India-spec Swift the more magniloquent 16 inch wheels that are broader in addition.

As a result, expect some new characteristics on the India-spec Swift if certainly that facelift turns up.

Shifting to the Malaysian market, Suzuki is about to introducing the 3rd-gen Swift in that nation, and this introduction is taking place almost a year and a half after the new 2013 Suzuki Swift was introduced in the Indian market.

The long wait of the Malaysia’s residents for the 3rd-gen vehicle does accompany its benefits though. The Malaysia-spec latest Swift gets the more influential 1.4 Liter K-Series petrol engine.

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