Google to bring its own self-driving car in the near future

The term diversification may be re-defined with the entry of Google in the global auto manufacturing industry, in the near future. The latest technological innovations like vehicles with auto self parking programming and driving assist have changed the driving experience completely. But if this impresses you then Google’s self driving car will just leave you speechless. Google’s latest venture is like a virtual reality come true.

Earlier it was reported that Google has formed an alliance with the Japanese auto manufacturing giants, Mitsubishi and Toyota. Now Google is planning to develop its own autonomous vehicle which may give rice to a series of self driving vehicles which the company has termed as “robo-taxis” in the near future. This news reached the world after the recent reports which said that Google has joined hands with Continental AG and IBM. These 3 firms are together working on developing a new platform which enables the group to share technology among them.

“Automated Driving” is not an entirely new concept for the auto world. Various known companies like Audi and Volvo have been involved with the development of self parking cars which showcase autonomous driving, though, just for a short span. But if we talk about a nation like India, having a system of driving which is not capable of detecting unexpected pedestrians as well as bicycles can prove to be more lethal and less assistive. This is the reason that although this concept of self driving is excellent, it is not at all good as far as Indians are concerned as we do not stick to traffic rules and regulations here.

Google to bring its own self-driving car in the near future
It goes without saying that this autonomous driving system will greatly improve security but this concept can give desired results only when placed in a well organized driving environment. The artificial intelligence that we have today is not competent enough to surpass an individual’s 15 years of driving experience. For example, a human driver might predict the course of a running child or spot a rolling ball but an autonomous driving system might not do so. Also the legal matters involving road accidents and safety will all go for a toss if this AI system is applied to our present judicial frame.

But these drawbacks or concerns will only act a driving force in improving the most innovative development in the auto industry. All the automobile manufacturers in the world give the safety of their customers the utmost priority. The manufacturers strive hard in reaching the customers with a perfect balance of safety and driving excellence. Hence, a self driving system can be a perfect solution for these “customer oriented” manufacturers. As if now, the concept of self driving is chaotic as well as fearful. But if we look at the history, people never thought humans could fly but Wright brothers achieved this unrealistic feat. And so, even though self driving seems farfetched as if now, it may soon become a part of our day to day lives.

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