How to turn your BMW into a safe vault

BMW hosts a lot of function in itself. But there are many of the users who don’t know the details about it. Meanwhile, this time on our driving tips section information is lent on, how to turn your BMW into safe vault that too with almost next to zero possibility, which can be opened at the service center when one forgets some of the operating processes in between.

This time in India, we (i.e. me and my boss) were invited for a press conference in one of four-star rated hotels of Mumbai. By chance my boss was driving a BMW those days, as he was having a one from his brother who was vacationing abroad at the moment. It was the 7 Series, so a lot of drama can be witnessed inside when one takes it out on the roads. People staring you all the moments, lot of admirations from girls, and no doubts from their fathers too, and the main action of the drama happened to us when we parked the vehicle at the parking lot of our hotel.

After leaving the car with the valet for that while, we left some of the luggage in the boot, and some important documents as well. Shocking to our grief, we found the bag missing filled with some of expensive apparel type stuffs when we came back to our car after the press-con. However, teh missing bag was only a small bag one containing a couple some expensive perfumes bottles. More to our grief, it was shocking to guess how such incident happened despite the vehicle being locked perfectly in its place. And when discussed this issue with the hotel staff, we came to know the parking in which we had left our 7 Series was not actually owned by the hotel. Instead, it used to be managed by some private owners who charge only a mere amount of the fee comparatively to the hotel premises. And is located just adjacent to the where one couldn’t make it out that both of the properties are of different owners due to their almost similar like designing cues. Lest, we then get caught hold of the parking lot manager, but he refused to swallow in the claim, wobbling out by saying the that a notice-board is hanged outside the premises which speaks, “park at your own risk”, that we missed to look onto before entering. However, we did a police complaint too, but due to some interconnections between the parking lot owner and the officer, there doesn’t revealed any of the progress in our case anytime soon. In addition, the venue where we had gone was completely outside the city, somewhere in the outskirts, so expecting something from the police force there wasn’t of any use. Back to the basics again, we gave up of finding the local culprit behind this incident and started looking forward to learning a lesson of life from this. And by that process a feature of the 7 Series came in front us, if which we could have known before, then may have avoided a face-off with this incident. It was the, “turning your BMW boot into a safe vault”.  Well, don’t be such excited we are there at your rescue, guiding you how to avoid such instances in life.

How to turn your BMW into a safe vault
If you had kept an important luggage in the boot, and had parked in the valet, then the incident which has happened to us may follow you too, despite making sure that you had locked everything properly in place. Hence, there is a button in one’s BMW which separates the boot from getting locked along with the other locking system of the car. It’s even so aggressive that one may not even open the boot by the keys if locked by that said button inside the cabin, or even by the boot handle under the chromed strip on boot-lid. However, the closing button which we had said just now in the above lines is located under the front armrest in 7 Series, where it maybe there in the 5 and 3 Series inside the glove box or elsewhere depending upon the model owned. However, that said button will be showcasing the boot-opening and locking sign on it. And when it is being tripped on the locking side, then said lock gets activated leaving no chance for anyone to barge into the boot by means without unlocking it form that button.

Well, there some of the smart Alex maybe thinking what if the valet/or any other who maybe knowing the button and also does has the keys of our car, can easily move into the boot of our BMW and can make it out with our stuffs. We appreciate those people with such perspective, because they had knitted out the perfect lacking from this article, and to their answer one need to take out the mechanical key from the fob by pressing a button on it (see it in detail in the video) to lock the armrest. Keep that mechanical key with oneself, and now can safely pass the fob to any valet parking attendant or any other person without worrying a bit. Hence, the luggage pounded in the BMW’s boot is now completely safe. But to add as a reminder, do insert the metal keys back into the fob when the valet attendant returns it to you after driving out from the parking lot.

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