Heritage Transportation Museum to open in November 2013

The Heritage Transport Museum, which is located at Gurgaon, Haryana is set to open by November 2013 end, confirms a report on internet.

Heritage Transport Museum is the India’s first museum that will comprehensively addresses transportation of our nation.

Briefing more information about his news, report says, the aforementioned museum is an initiative of Heritage Transportation Trust (HTT), a non-profit registered trust which is founded on the basis of educating the audience about history of India’s transportation. It is expecting all the audience to pass on the information to coming generations. The museum will depict the means of transportation used by our ancestors and will feature the future mode of transportation which will be seen soon in India.

More than hundred modes of ancient transport will be displayed at the museum in art form (and others) dating back even to 20th century. Ranging from animal-drawn vehicles to cars, commercial vehicles, airplanes, trams and rail coaches, all will be exhibited at the museum.

Heritage Transportation Museum

Added as, the museum will be an evolving subject, which shall be seen changing over the time to get the visitors interested.

Initially, the HTT has planned to open this museum in 2011, but as usual like the other projects in India to too get delayed by some years.

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