Honda Civic and Jazz Are No More Available in India: Official Website

With a new product in the hand now, Honda is taking various un-assumed twists and turns to make an Amaze-ing entry in the market. Though whatever the reason maybe, we have learnt that, Civic and Jazz model plates are no longer available on the official website of Honda.

It is said, such steps were already planned in past and only the course of action was slated to be derived at time of newbie’s launch. Honda dealers across the nation had stopped taking orders for Civic and Jazz, excluding little bit of exceptions, while some last pieces were also sold off under heavy discounts. The hatchback jazz was already a fizzed out offering in the market, as its makers had deployed it with premium pricing than the rivals of horizon,  where all the famous strategy of maximum-man-and-minimum-machine by Honda fallen flat on its head.

Overall conclusion says, it is an outcome of the lack of diesel engine and to overcome on this issue, Amaze is a trial run for carmaker to witness response of our local fraternity, while otherwise the changes had to be made as per the said users, in respect of present product and forthcoming offerings as well.

Honda Civic
To an extent, some speculation says, Honda will launch the revamped Jazz in first half of 2014, where there is no inclination of Civic’s future at present.

Meanwhile we expect, Civic to be replaced by the production spec of Urban SUV Concept that had seen daylight very recently and is also earmarked to be headed towards production bay in this year itself. This expected step does makes sense too, as almost all carmakers are gearing up to make out their way in compact SUV segment, henceforth remaining automotive organization will be left with very few number of executive saloon buyers, moreover the preference from all the makes are now swiftly shifting towards compact sports, all thanks to new generation, and even those executives also tend themselves to be in sports attire, underneath their so called sophisticated skin.

Honda Civic and Jazz Are No More Available in India

In short, we are eagerly waiting for the official words of Japanese carmaker, yet till then no confirmation on any of makes which are not officially available; will update further bits as soon as we are bestowed with.

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