India’s Biggest Domino Installation Made by Ford: Watch Video

India is the only one country with various unique variations, and that’s all what makes us stand apart from others, while to prove ourselves in strength and so, Indians had pulled hard to register their names in book of worlds record and such; yet mentioned here is another unique installation that we Indians had not witnesses in that bulk size on our homeland.

Ripping off the secret, it is made to inform, Ford had built India’s largest domino installation in Delhi by employing experts from around the world, and had used 80,000 pieces to curb it in a masterpiece.

Revealing more of all, it was but obviously to hype the EcoSport tag in media and though that we did not mind also. One can view those in the video being slapped below this post, while we ensure that viewers would definitely press the re-play button after its first glimpse, as was the same case with us too. Swooping crystal-istic sound effects of dominos mesmerizes you in its tune, and overall the iconic landmarks of India like Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar and India Gate were also drown into shape from those crispy chunks, inclusive of Ford logo and EcoSport badging.

India’s Biggest Domino Installation Made by Ford
Not saying much on this part, we suggest you to watch the video and would also let us know what ratings you will screech on this clipping. Surely no negative markings!

Ford logo Domino Installation
And on important note, more than 150 working hours are also employed for its making, consider that as well.

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