Honda Civic Coming To India In 2019

Honda Civic Coming To India In 2019

The tenth generation of Honda Civic will soon be out in 2019 and the sedan will be manufactured locally. It will be available in the petrol and diesel variants. After seeing the stupendous success of the Civic in other countries, Yoichiro Ueno was hoarded with requests of launching a similar model for the Indian markets as well and after a lot of research, HCIL will be gearing up for the special launch.

The Civic may be manufactured in Greater Noida and will be ideal for the Indian roads. Having learnt a lesson from the earlier Civic stint, Honda is ensuring that it makes a diesel variant available as well. While the petrol variant of the Honda Civic will have a 1.8 L i-VTEC engine, the diesel variant will have a 1.6 engine. So are you excited to hear about this? Do let us know by commenting In the section below.

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