Honda Concept D Crossover Revealed In China

Honda – as got very serious with its SUV and crossover business after shedding the attention from sedans – has brought the Concept D at Shanghai Auto Show. Designed exclusively for the People’s Republic, its production version will definitely lose most glitter from now. Golden is used to mimic the taste of locals there.

Though, no concrete information is exclusively available at the moment from official channel of Honda. Judging on the basis of appearance as visible across images, Concept D got number of angles, sharp edges, raked rear window and a huge wing to highlight the texture. Obviously, LEDs and prominent face aren’t making an exception here.

Hence, Chinese joint venture of Honda – Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda – will set the matter straight for its production and even the car to roll across the sales floor.

Honda Concept D Crossover Revealed In China

Commenting about this concept, Seiji Kuraishi, President of HMCI replied, this Concept D crossover in China will act as a pioneer of Honda for its SUV business. A new value proportion will take a shape soon after the launch. Production of Concept D in this country will allow the maker to surge ahead with more localization. And the trait of offering products with latest technologies will be continued by Honda.

Honda Concept D Crossover Revealed In China

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