Honda providing discounts on its most popular cars

It is a yearly ritual for auto manufacturers to provide smart bonus schemes as well as goodies in the festival period with the aim to boost the sales of their personal cars.

As per reports, Honda has announced good discounts to its loyal clients this festive season. Honda cars India are nevertheless a favorite alternative when it comes to petrol catered cars.

But the reports stated that petrol cars are going through dreary phase and for that reason, the car makers are offering a lot of discounts as well as plan spopping up every other day on petrol cars – more so with the festival period season coming nearer.

Honda City

Honda Cars India as a result, is now providing smart insurance plans not only on their prime cars, but also on their luxury ones.

The reports said that Civic and Accord sedans, Brio hatchback and the City can now be obtainable with a Re 1 insurance scheme.

Honda Civic

The genuine worth of the insurance for the above mentioned cars can be positioned between Rs 10K to around Rs 60K.

Honda Cars India is also offering up novel loyalty bonus schemes.

Honda Brio
So if you’re the category who does not necessarily require a diesel car and are making plans to promote from your existing petrol catered Honda car to a new Honda product, then the car manufacturer will provide you extra rebates in addition to the buy-back worth of your existing car.

There is still no actualfacts regarding when the Brio diesel will be rolled out – however, the company functiona riessaid that it is still too soon to discuss the diesel hatchback or even the CNG catered City for that matter.

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