Honda sells a mere 1503 City Sedan in January

Honda Siel Car is right now at the receiving end of Nature’s wrath. The car makers have hit a critical low in the production of their various models due to the flash floods in Thailand. There has been complete disruption of production due to the disarray from the floods. All traffic routes have been either blocked or are still under knee deep waters.  This has led to unavailability of crucial components leading to an aching slow rate of production back here in India. The Honda Siel Cars India manufacturers have nothing to initiate the damage control. The situation hasn’t relented since the November of 2011. Without the essential components fabrication and assembly isn’t possible.

The auto makers are doing their best in reviving the situation. Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Honda Siel Cars India, reassured that the production would again reach its peak from March this year. The VP also stated that efforts are being made at obtaining, from elsewhere, the components without which integration of the model is not possible.

Honda sells a mere 1503 City Sedan in January

Sales figures dwindled during the months of November and December, in the onset of the flood disaster. But the situation have improved in January, if even slightly, and the company has registered sales of 1784 units.

In this section, we bring you the model wise breakup of all the different car models under Honda Siel India.

The production of Honda Brio and Honda Jazz hasn’t restarted since the disruption. Plans are being formulated and talks are on that they will again be rolling out of the factory belt from the month of February. Another model that had negligible production was the Honda CRV. The factory churned out just 7 units of it. Next in line is the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord, with production of units at 176 and 98 units respectively. The only model manufactured that has been above a thousand units is the Honda City. Somehow under such times, the manufactures have toiled to get 1503 units out of the factory line

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