Expectations higher on Audi this time

The potentiality of India’s auto market has always been appealing for the automakers across the globe. It’s no new news that foreign automakers are targeting India for their products. Following the same trend, German automakers too, are gearing up to conquer the Indian automobile market. Being a premium brand within the Volkswagen Group, Audi is pulling up its socks to roll out seven new exclusive car models in India in 2012. This news is bound to lift up the mood of Audi lovers and take them to the zenith of blissful experiences.

Audi is looking forward to expand the dealership network as well to get along with the projected sales of 8,000 cars for this year in the luxury car segment of Asia’s third-largest economy. This figure was found to be 5,500 a year back. The automobile giant is reported to add to its dealership count by 10 more in the network of already existing 15 dealers in the country. It is the steady growth of the economy of the country that is responsible for attracting auto giants from across the globe. The luxury car market in India is still lagging behind China, where Mercedes-Benz and BMW together recorded a sale of 320,000 in the first three quarters of 2011. This figure is forcing other auto manufacturers to exploit the potentiality of the Indian automobile market and do brisk business here as far as the luxury car segment is concerned.  The constantly increasing projected sales target of the company is backed by around 50% growth in the sales of luxury car segment.

Expectations higher on Audi this time

According to a recent report by A.T.Kearney, Indians were found to spend on luxury cars more than any other items. The trend was found to be so biased that investments in luxury car left behind all conventional preferences like jewellery, electronics and watches. The quantitative conclusion of 36% growth in expenditures in 2009-11 to a billion dollar mark backed the report. This report worked as a catalyst in raising the eyebrows of giants in automobile sector.

The Operations Head of Audi India, Michael Perschke was spotted quoting about Volkswagen’s efforts to accomplish its target to double the component requirements from India to a prodigious 700 million Euros in 2012. In addition to it, Perschke was found to be optimistic about expectations of expanding Audi’s global sourcing out of India in the long run. He said, “In terms of cost competiveness, India has a strategic advantage.” Perschke affirmed the news of induction of rumored TT roadster and Q3 coupe models this time, along with five more models that would be rolled out. This keeps the list going on even after the latest release of the automaker, R8 Spyder Sportscar. These statements are bound to give Audi lovers a new high while fantasizing about the features of the forthcoming models that are to be launched. Now the countdown has begun and it’s high time to think beyond  Audi A4Audi A7Audi A6Audi Q7Audi Q5Audi A8Audi R8, and start presuming about the features of all the new seven cars that are going to be rolled out.

Audi A4 in India Audi A6 in India

India for their products. Following the same trend, German automakers too, are gearing up to conquer the Indian automobile market. Being a premium brand

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