Honda SP 125 Accessories | Bike Accessories on Amazon |

Honda SP 125 Accessories | Bike Accessories on Amazon |

We bring in curated accessories available on the Amazon India Store, for your Honda SP 125. Do check out all Honda SP 125 Accessories that we have mentioned alongwith their pricing detail and click on the respective links to purchase.

List of Honda SP 125 Accessories

Speedo-Meter Protector

To keep your instrument cluster protected from scratches and the harsh UV rays of the sunlight, you should definitely consider getting your bike a speedo-meter protector. In principle, this protector works exactly like your mobile phone’s tempered glass protector.

This protector is 100 per cent waterproof and it also ensures that the surface of the protector does not fade away in direct sunlight. It is easy to install as it comes with self-adhesive technology, which does not require professional installation.


  • Protects From Scratches & UV Rays
  • Waterproof 
  • Easy To Install

Buy Speedo-Meter Protector

Tank Cover 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get some storage space without buying a saddlebag is to modify your bike with a tank storage bag. 

Such bags come with different storage compartments to keep your valuables safe while riding. However, the main highlight of this product is the compartment for mobile storage. The plastic cover even allows you to use your mobile phone’s touch screen system to operate basic functions. 

This feature solves the problem of navigating on 2 wheelers alone, as now you do not have to risk your life by navigating through a mobile phone while riding. 


  • Multiple Storage Compartments

Buy Tank Cover

USB Charger 

If you miss out on the feature of having a USB charger in your bike, you can get your bike modified with an aftermarket accessory of the USB charger. 

This accessory comes with a clamp to easily install the charging socket on the handlebars. The charger is waterproof too as it comes with a plastic cap to secure the USB port. This charger is compatible with all two-wheelers, including non geared scooters. 

The charger gives an output of 5V & 3.1 A, which is compatible with all mobile phones, GPS devices, cameras etc. 


  • Easy To Install
  • Waterproof Design 
  • Output- 5V & 3.1A

Buy the USB Charger

Mobile Phone Holder

One of the must-have accessories these days for a 2-wheeler is a mobile phone holder. When riding alone, navigation can get troublesome, hence you should not risk your life and get a mobile phone holder, for a safe and comfortable riding experience. 

The manufacturer of this product claims that, if installed correctly, the probability of you dropping your phone is almost zero per cent. The product comes with rubber mounts to hold the mobile phones along the edges, which safely secures the mobile phone and does not let it fall. The holder can be adjusted in all four directions to find your best viewing angle while riding. The mobile holder is compatible with mobile devices having a screen size, between 3.5-6.5 inches. 

It even comes with an in-built waterproof, 5V 2.0A charging port. 


  • Waterproof USB Port
  • Easy To Install
  • Will Fit Screens Between 3.5-6.5 Inches
  • Output- 5V & 2.0A

Buy the Mobile Holder

Anti-Theft Disc Brake Lock 

This product is listed as the “Amazon’s Choice “ in its category.  With almost 4.2 k ratings and reviews of the product, hence it speaks for itself when it comes to the quality of the product. 

This anti-theft device is not just designed for motorcycles but can also be used with cycles, scooters, ATVs, etc. The 7 mm lock diameter pin makes it possible to install the lock on any ventilated disc brake, to prevent any movement of the wheel. The lock is made from stainless steel, making it impossible to crack open the lock through a hammer or cutters. 

The lock comes with two sets of keys, for a hassle-free user experience. 


  • 7 mm Lock Diameter Pin 
  • Compatible With Bikes, Scooters, Cycles etc. 
  • Made Of Stainless Steel
  • Easy To Install

Buy the Anti-Theft Disc Brake Lock

Tank Pad

To enhance the look of your Honda motorcycle, you can customise your bike’s fuel tank with a tank pad. This pad is made of vinyl plastic and it comes with pre-applied adhesive to make installation easier. The length of the pad is 15 cm to ensure a wide coverage over the tank, after installation. 


  • Made From Vinyl Plastic
  • Easy To Install

Buy the Tank Pad

Pillion Grab Handle

This handle hook works as a handle for the pillion rider but it also doubles up as a hook to strap the saddle bag or luggage over long journeys. It also makes parking the bike on the central stand easier, as the hooks can be used to lift the bike. Lastly, it can also be used to hang your daily shopping bags, without the inconvenience of hanging them on the handlebars. 

The hook comes with easy installation points making it universally compatible with all kinds of 2-wheelers. It can be easily mounted over the rear shock absorbers with a nut. 


  • Can Be Used To Hang Shopping Bags, Saddlebags etc. 
  • Easy To Install

Buy Pillion Grab Handle

LED Bar Light 

If the stock headlights are not enough for your daily rides, then you can invest in an affordable lighting solution like this, the 18W LED Bar Light. 

The LED Fog Light uses 3-watt high-intensity LEDs and in total with 6 such LEDs, they provide an output of 18W, making it ideal for installation on 2-Wheelers. The LEDs have been programmed to match the intensity and throw distance of a standard high beam lamp, offering longer visibility to make the riding experience much more comfortable and less stressful. 

With the use of aluminium housing and sealants across the casing, these LED lights are waterproof too, as the sealants prevent water or dirt from entering the housing, no matter how rough the terrain is.


  • 3-Watt High-Intensity LEDs
  • Output- 18 W
  • Waterproof Casing
  • Easy To Install

Buy LED Bar Light

Handlebar Mirrors

To give your 2-Wheeler a retro cafe racer look, you can customise your bike with these universal handlebar mirrors. These mirrors are similar to what you might have seen on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. 

These mirrors are made of stainless steel offering a sturdy build quality. These mirrors can be easily installed with a simple set of tools at home, without the need for a professional installation. 


  • Retro Look
  • Waterproof 
  • Easy To Install

Buy Handlebar Mirrors

Shoe & Sock Protector

It is almost impossible to keep your shoes and socks clean with the stock gear lever rubber pegs, as they are made from hard rubber material which absorbs dust and dirt quite easily. To avoid dirtying your footwear, you must definitely consider modifying your 2-wheeler with this thoughtful accessory, the shoe and sock rubber protector. 

This protector is made out of soft compound rubber, making it easy to clean the surface and protect your footwear at all times.

Buy Shoe & Sock Protector

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