How to purchase a used Skoda Fabia

I know from quite a long time I have not written anything in the used car section. I know it is true but it is not true totally. I was trying to bring out something for you that will actually matter, unlike the others. But I know that slapstick can rest for a bit. So, today my main agenda is to tell you how to purchase a used Skoda Fabia. If you think that how do I know that it is exactly you wanted to know about, as you were thinking to purchase it? Because from the time I have been keeping ‘mum’ on the used car section, I’ve been trying to figure out what people actually want. Anyways to begin with what I’ll be covering today is a 2008 -2010 model of the same.

So to start with, Skoda Fabia is a one of the high on demand vehicles in India. Even in the second hand cars section, this car has a lot more demand than any other and that was prime reason why I choose this hatchback car today. A used Skoda Fabia still has the enough grunts which can give a tough call to many other mid size saloons. The best part about this car is that its build quality is amazing. Also, this car is a fine piece of engineering. Even from inside this car incorporates classy interiors. The plastics used inside this car is a high quality plastic and not the cheap one used in some of the cars. The elegance of the insides of this car is mated with the plush equipments provided inside the same. This car is perfect for holidays as it has a humongous 300 litre of boot space. Right now, in the used car category this car is mostly available in three engine types. Out of the three variants 1 is the latest engine introduced by Skoda last year, while the other two are the discontinued variants of the same. All of them are available in four trim options. So, a second hand Skoda Fabia would be available in:

  • 1.2 litre petrol engine, 70 Bhp of maximum power
  • 1.4 litre petrol engine, 85 Bhp of maximum power; and
  • 1.4 litre turbo diesel engine, 69 Bhp of maximum power.

In order to purchase a good second hand Skoda Fabia one has to pay a bit of attention, though Skoda Fabia is one of the most reliable cars available in Indian market. Reason being, the respectful owners of these car has never complained anything against this car. Anyways, there are always two sides of a coin. Hence, there are some things to be checked in a used Skoda Fabia, as well. So start by checking its footwells. Make sure that the footwells are not wet, as the blocked AC vents can cause water dripping problem. Anyways, it’s not that big an issue because it can be fixed easily. Watch out for the coolant levels because if the coolant levels are allowed to get too low, this might cause an engine problem. If you are purchasing the diesel variant than make sure that you car doesn’t blow a big chunk of black or blue smoke when started. Also, that the clutch isn’t too tight because in that case you have to shell out more 10,000 rupees. If you are going for the 1.4 petrol variant then make sure that the timing belt is in good condition.

In consideration to the performance, let’s first talk about the petrol variant of the second hand Skoda Fabia. Both the petrol variants perform really well. Both the cars have plenty of gruff. Anyways, if you ask me, then my personal favourite will be the diesel variant. It gives you best performance and than the rest of the two variants, a good pull and an awesome fuel economy. The only problem with the diesel variant I could figure out was lots of noise while diving. Gear transmission is really crisp. Suspensions work to the best of its efforts to provide a comfortable ride. Handling is a bit low key affair of this car but that is nothing major to crib about. The chassis seems to be taunt (at least that’s what I felt) enough to handle more power.

So, now let’s talk about ‘what will suit your needs and what not’. So if you are a travelling junkie or if you travel a lot then I would suggest you to go for the diesel variant. As I already spoke a great deal about the diesel variant.  Once more I would like to enlighten as why a travelling is synonym to the diesel variants. The best part about this variant is that it is extremely fuel efficient and I guess that is one of the major reasons to choose it for the same. But if you drive within the city limits then in my opinion you should stick to the base variant which is the 1.2 litre petrol variant.

Now the thing is that since all the variants and even the base trim is available with twin airbags and there are other drooling features also. But just make sure that all those features work (*seriously). Also make sure that there is no accidental damage to the car. You know what, Skoda Fabia has a real bad reputation of expensive spare parts. When we talk about the resale value of Skoda Fabia, then mind it, it might pose to be a bit costly for the diesel engine while the petrol varinant are at par with the Maruti Suzuki Swift. So, the second hand Skoda Fabia price starts from a drooling figure of Rs 3.7 lakhs and if you want peace of mind then, make sure you go to a First Choice dealer. They might take a bit more money but then every single penny will be worth the satisfaction.

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