Hyundai flags-off its cross country drive

Today Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) have flagged-off the first edition of its cross country drive ‘i-Drive India’ with its special edition i Tech i-10. The ceremony was held at the Hyundai Motor Plaza at the national capital.

The cross country drive with the renowned vehicle ‘i-10’ will be covering a distance of 9,000 kilometers (kms) over a 25 days period going through numerous destinations along the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ route and will complete at New Delhi back on 29 March 2013.

Offering great style, comfort, mileage, performance and reliability since its launch in 2007, the i-10 is the most successfull flag-off from Hyundai’s portfolio. Celebrating more than 12 lakhs customers all over the globe, Hyundai i-10 has unprecedented commanded leadership.

Hyundai i-10 i-Drive
Mr. Nalin Kapoor, Senior General Manager and Group Head of Marketing, HMIL, pointed out at the ‘i-Drive India’ flag off ceremonial occasion, “We are pleased to roll out the first version of Hyundai’s cross nation drive i-Drive India with the unique version of our most productive vehicle i-10. We are sure, which the novel special version with its ground breaking and highly developed characteristics will be cherished by all the partakers of this drive. Via Modern Premium brand route, we offer up new worth and the company experience to our valuable as well as dear clients.”

Mr. Kapoor added that they are really pleased to introduce the initial version of the company’s cross country drive ‘i-Drive India’, with the special edition of our most victorious vehicle the i-10.

The objective of the cross country drive is to explore the key iconic locations, countless landscape, traditions and diversity of India before coming back to the national capital.

In addition, we want to showcase the durability, performance, dependability and fuel competence of the vehicle (i-10), the part takers will go through high altitude mountain terrains, flat highways, diverse lands, beaches, crowded city roads and the interiors of the country.

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