Tata Manza rates slashed

Auto giant Tata Motors has made announcement that it has slashed the rate of their Manza Club class diesel sedan.

The company said that the new price of their Tata Manza Club class diesel sedan will be INR 5.99 lakhs as compared to INR 6.49 lakhs. Aside from this, the company has also cut down the cost of their Indica hatchback, with the intention to augment client sentiments.

In addition, the firm has rolled out the novel Manza Club Class sedan in the domestic market back in the month of October last year with an initial cost of INR 5.70 lakhs for petrol base. On the other hand, the diesel variant of Manza Club Class sedan will cost around INR 6.49 lakhs.

Earlier today, the company declared that the new offering will currently be presented with a reduction of around INR 50000 for their diesel model. Moreover, there is no alteration in rates of petrol cars.

Tata Manza
Aside from this, the company has also declared a pioneering buy-back plan on the Manza Club Class sedan. As per the new plan, the ‘Club Class Buyback Assurance’, clients will be provided 60 per cent of the buy price after a period of three years, in case they wish to sell the vehicle.

The company has also cut down the value of Indica hatchback by around INR 29,000. The main cause behind falling values is to put a stop to the fall in sale facts, which the maker is experiencing at this time.

With the producer quitting the EXL option, the EX option is currently the top-end one and features automatic atmosphere control, 8-spoke alloy wheels, touchscreen course-plotting, tilt-steering and ABS together with EBD, and lots others. Presently, the EX option comes at a reduction of approximately Rs 30,000.

Tata Manza Interior

Dealers who have leftover stocks of the EXL version are offering the previous top-end model at a cost reduction of approximately Rs 70,000.

With the intention to make the value scheme even more striking, the auto firm has refreshed the Manza costs and is now providing the array at special reduced rates. The value range is explained as below –

[table id=111 /]

All prices ex-showroom, national capital

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