Hyundai i10 Soon To Become Taxi – The Santro Replacement

Soon after Fiat was made to exit from the league of taxi, Hyundai is about to make a one more prominent move in the segment by adjoining i10 in the fleet of black and yellow cabs of India.

As there are reports, the famous Santro rests in the final days of its lifecycle, i10 pose as the suitable successor. Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata are in the need of getting more taxis in the coming days, where this compact vehicle of Hyundai shall turn into a new face of the Korean automaker (in black-yellow avatar).

As if meant to be talked about the Santro, that car gained the popularity over years. Affordable, easy to use, and low on maintenance cost are some of reasons define its massive sale. CNG was the base to get those balls rolling these on our roads. In fact, the i10 may also get that similar treatment.

Hyundai i10 Soon To Become Taxi - The Santro Replacement

As monopoly is always ruled out from every nook of our nation, on the rivalry side, Tata is eyeing a pie of taxi department with the Indica and Maruti with the Ritz.

A new base variant ‘Hyundai i10 Era’ comes with power-steering, air-conditioning and, music system. It can be believed that CNG kits may be topped over it for an additional amount of money.

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