Renault Value Up Hatchback Concept In The Development

Renault after the Duster 4×4 wasn’t cooking anything interesting for the market to look at. But now the floor is opened to one new product and the source confirmed it to be a one for the mass market.

Dubbed as Value Up, the hatchback is speculated to be standing on the company’s 3.8m long platform, which may also be pinned underneath the future cars of Renault. Apparently, it could be something in between the Twingo and Clio, and as far as the sources are concerned this could be the concept car first.

In fact, the company too reported about the Value Up to be weighing somewhere near to 830kg where the use of bamboo is applicable. And the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine under the hood to complement further.

Renault Value Up Hatchback Concept In The Development

Hence, the cabin shall be only space where bamboo is meant to be seen. Bits like touchscreen, navigation and AC too not to be missed out.

However, the Future Up concept is only for experimental purpose, but the makers will see it to use the feedbacks in the production cars of future.

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