In Car Entertainment or ICE details in a car – Part II

So, Average Joe has finally got all the things in his hand and is proceeding towards getting them installed. So what comes out of this? Well, a setup which would sound good but not exceptionally so. This is because some amount of fine tuning is needed on this one. The fine tuning can either be handled by Average Joe or by some experts in this business. If it’s the latter, then there is no problem. However, if Average Joe were to check out the details himself, then we are here to help him with the finer details regarding tuning of the In Car Entertainment. Most of the times, people are unable to enjoy the music that their car system produces due to the reason that the car has not been sufficiently damped. Damping ensures that the owner of the car and its occupants are left in peace to enjoy the orchestra. Here are a few extras on how to fine tune Average Joe’s music system.

Speaker Cables :

The head unit sends sound signals to the speakers and this is carried forward via thick Speaker Cables. The signals being sent are very much strong and hence the need arises for the use of a thick speaker cable to carry it forward. Sub woofers are the one which require the thickest of cables. For the sub woofers, cables which have a rating of 8-15 gauges can be used. This is to be done since a huge amount of current has to negotiate over through those cables. Tweeters usually don’t demand elaborate cables, however, they still do require the necessary coating so that there is no outside interference as also leakage. Stress also is a major part and hence the sturdiness of the end connectors should also be kept in mind.

RCA Cables :

The Pre-amp signals are transferred via this RCA Cables. The connection between the equalizer/amp unit and the head unit is where the RCA Cables come into picture. The shielding and appropriate thickness is something which Average Joe has to keep a watch on. Some manufacturers like Monster Cable have a gold plated connector, which though on the expensive end, ensures a better quality of the entire setup and plus doesn’t wear out easily under stress due to its gold plated tips.

Wiring Harness :

Average Joe would at some or the other time want to sell his car and wouldn’t want to give away his beloved setup away. If he has this thoughts, then investing in a Wiring Harness is the best option. This also ensures that the manufacturers warranty isn’t voided wherein they clearly state that cutting and splicing of wires is something which would lead to a lapse in the warranty clauses. The stock radio can be disconnected any time using this Wiring Harness and a new one fitted in its place. The existing wiring aids the Wiring Harness in plugging in the new Head Unit without so much as disturbing the original wires.

Power Distribution Blocks :

Multiple components of a music system can be wired easily using this Power Distribution Blocks. A single power cable which is thick enough can be run from the battery all the way upto the block distribution, is to be used. Thus each and very component would have multiple outputs. An additional benefit is that most of the components have extra fuses with them. For the car’s stereo system, a new battery terminal can be fitted in which allows for the easy intersection of the extra power wire directly to the battery of the car.

Capacitors :

A large sub woofer requires that sometimes the music system passes on too high current for a short spell of time. If at all the battery in the car or even the alternator are small, then the car’s electrical system wouldn’t be able to cope up and hence there are chances that it may fuse out. For all those high power gradients, a stiffening capacitor can be used as it provides for storage capacity which would go that extra mile while using a larger sub woofer. This is to be brought into equation if the headlamps of the car flicker around while the music system of the car is in full symphony. Also, another sign of the need for a Capacitor is when the head unit’s display light goes on and off when the bass notes are at an all time high.

Damping :

Most of the times, a proper damping job is what it takes to pay heed to the high and low notes that the music system produces. At home, conk out all the noises and Average Joe would have a blast listening to the music. However, in a car, there are various things coming into play and those include the likes of having to deal with the road noise, wind noise and also the AC noise. Also the horn sounded by fellow road users is also a distraction. In retrospect, Average Joe would just think of raising the volume level of the stereo. Reducing in-car noise level would definitely help in a big way to enjoy the music system of the car peacefully. A car’s body is made up of metal parts and hence when the music system is turned on, there would be a certain amount of resonance. To cut down on this, Dynamat, a liner helps. The entire door panels, seats, interior trim as also the carpet would have to be removed. Dynamat is very expensive and Average Joe can even prefer to use the much cheaper fiberglass layer. Then car audio experts Rockford Fosgate have developed a spray which is called as Noise Killer Blue, which helps in reducing the noise levels resulting out of the metal panels inside the car. Most of the time, this spray has to be applied liberally like a paint.

This completes the series of the In Car Entertainment package and this we are sure that this would have helped Average Joe a lot in his selection for the best brand and what al to ensure that he has a cracker of an audio system, with or without budget restrictions.

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