Indiandrives bleeds Blue

With the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup finals fever gripping each and every Indian today, the Indiandrives team cannot be left far behind. Going on with the team India’s theme of wearing blue jerseys, each and every person of the Indiandrives team starting from the CEO Bimal Bhatt to even the office assistant Sachin have worn Blue Indiandrives T-shirts. When we say everyone, there are 140 people working as a team for the Indiandrives portal showing their utmost dedication towards India and also the Indiandrives brand as well by. Well, it’s a coincidence that the Indiandrives web page also has a central theme as Blue. While we are sure that the Indian team would bring back the World Cup after 27 years, the whole Indiandrives team would be glued to the giant projector TV which has been setup in the office specially for this occasion. Just like the Indian cricket team which has got 11 people and each one of them is a specialist in their own right, in the same vein each of the 140 people working with Indiandrives team is an expert in his/her own area of specialization.

Management Team

There are a bunch of dedicated content writers, who bring the latest dope of the automotive world plus juicy and honest reviews, comparisons and test drives of cars and bikes. There is a team of bloggers who update the content as also ensure that high quality pictures are uploaded.

Content Writers and Bloggers Team

Then we have a separate set of Search Engine Optimizers as also Social Media Optimization teams who ensure that a certain buzz is created about the Indiandrives portal as also make it a point to drive traffic to the website. However just like the Indian cricket team which functions as a team when the time comes for fielding, the whole Indiandrives team pitched together to make this 6 month old automobile portal, one of India’s fastest growing websites with about 2 lakh plus visitors each month.

Search Engine Optimizers Team

Social Media Optimization Team

So in a way, the Indian cricket team and the Indiandrives team have things in common other than the Blue jerseys that we sport. The thought process of both the teams is also the same and the combined efforts of working as a team shows.

Designers, Programmers and Admin Team

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