Indigo eCS to make an opening through Big Bazaar

Tata Motors is presently considered as one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in India and has been in this industry for close to a century now. In the past two decades Tata has advanced to a great extent and is trusted to be amongst the top brand names in India. Tata has now launched Indigo eCS, considered as one of the most fuel efficient cars to roll out of the Tata garage and it has come up with a new ally for the promotions of the car. Tata Motors has joined hands with retail heavyweight Big Bazaar to promote this new fuel-efficient variant of Indigo and plans to launch it in the thriving Indian automobile industry on a grand scale. Around 40 outlets of the retail chain have been finalized and short-listed where Tata will be showcasing its new Indigo eCS. The alliance of Tata-Big Bazaar also facilitated promotions of Tata Nano when it was launched at the 2010 at the Auto Expo.

Indigo eCS to make an opening through Big Bazaar

The new Indigo eCS will be powered by a diesel engine and Tata owing to the escalating prices of petrol decided to launch the diesel variant of the car in the market since now the preference is more towards diesel cars than petrol cars. Big Bazaar is considered as one of the leading retail chains and has a stronghold in the Indian market thus Tata chose to enter into a mutual alliance with the retail bigwig in order to gain a proper platform for the promotion of their newly launched fuel efficient sedan.

The sedan is said to deliver 25 kmpl mileage and will be launched as an initiative of ’25 ka tadka’ campaign owing to the mileage the car is offering. Automotive Research Authority of India has already felicitated the car for its efficiency of fuel and this has given a boost to Tata Motors ahead of the speculated launch of Indigo eCS. Tata aims to attract lots of customers at the Big Bazaar outlets and believes that showcasing the car at Big Bazaar showrooms will surely grab eyeballs and people would want to visit the showrooms for booking enquiry of the car. The car will start with 25 discount offers and thus this will lure more consumers to come and pay a visit to the showrooms of Tata Motors.

Tata has always been oriented to serving the best out of what they make for the people and thus the company has a very bright brand value in the Indian market and overseas as well. With the launch of this car, Tata plans to take over the diesel car market in India and thus become as one of the most revered brand names to manufacture diesel cars outshining other diesel cars in its segment. Along with Tata, Ford is also not far behind and has launched its own version of EcoSport Crossover vehicle across two malls in Maharashtra and plans to lock horns with Tata Indigo eCS.

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