Tata Motors sets its eyes on Indonesia for Ace Facility Unit

Tata Motors is nowadays scaling new heights in the industry due to the escalating demand of its car, especially Tata Ace which is doing well in the market ever since it was launched with high expectations. Now Tata Motors plans to expand and increase the production of Ace to a great extent and for that they are looking for an overseas plant which is located at a suitable spot filled with available natural resources. Presently a highly established team of Tata is in Indonesia inspecting lands in order to ascertain a perfect location of the manufacturing plant in Indonesia.

Tata Motors sets its eyes on Indonesia for Ace Facility Unit
Indonesia has been finalized and the last few spots are being filled at the moment depending upon which the light weight commercial vehicle Ace will be manufactured at grand scale and then brought to India where it is meeting with huge demands. Mr P. M. Telang, who heads the operations of Tata Motors India, threw light on the prospects of having a plant for Ace in Indonesia and how prospective it would be for Tata Motors in the Indian automobile market. The company is leaving no stones unturned and will be analyzing the locations from every point of view possible. Thus the pros and cons related to the establishment of Ace Facility are being viewed from all angles depending upon which the facility will be made functional there.

Tata will start off with knockdown models of Ace in the Indonesian market and will later on consider manufacturing passenger cars. Another interesting fact is that Tata Ace will be one of the first vehicles that will be assembled in a facility based in a South-East Asian country and is therefore enthusiastic regarding this initiative as it will help to expand the branches across other countries.

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