Interiors of New Generation Honda Jazz aka Fit Spied

It was just days back when we had reported that Honda Jazz aka Fit brochure had been leaked on internet and is doing whir among the fanatics of Honda in fraternity. Now we also learnt the interiors of the same had also been leaked.

Honda Jazz is launched in India with a heavy fanfare but initial pricing tags had played spoilsport for it. It took a year for Honda to realize its mistake, and since when they realized it, without wasting any moment price of Jazz was brought down by approximately Rs. 1 lakh. This strategic step had brought the Japanese the good sales number of Jazz in their sales sheet, and had also made them to mark significance it the boosting hatchback segment at that time.

Then the days passes by and now it seems that hatchback life is soon going to end, whilst the compact SUV or the crossover are going to rock the fraternity at very immediate cost, unless and until one’s hatchback doesn’t had any strong reason to stand in cut throat competitive market. Thinking along this way, Honda then planned to foray new Jazz into the scenario, and also that i-DTEC (diesel) engines to fill up many of the applications. Here new hatchback of Honda, as we had seen the leaked images and also the renderings, now sits somewhere in between the crossover and hatchback, tempting to both of the segments.

Interiors of New Generation Honda Jazz
Well, the spied interiors feels roomy and spacious just like its other sibling who follows max-man min-machine strategy. (Honda) City driven steering wheel, a large touch screen interface, cool changing backlit on instrument cluster, and a whole lot of such assortment to cover the inside inches precisely. Looking deeply into the image, the confirmations of automatic transmission is also again sealed.

Next-generation Honda Jazz will definitely see the 1.2L i-VTEC and also the 1.5L i-DTEC that is build alongside the European specific 1.6L EarthDreams.

2014 Honda Jazz Interiors
Launch is definitely a bit far away, but not that far which we one can’t speculate. So guys lend us your expectations via the comment box.

2014 Honda Jazz Back View

New Generation Honda Jazz aka Fit Spied
Image Courtesy – Car And Driver

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