Indian Women Purchasers Giving Philip to the Luxury Car Market: Report

Marketers have given it a new name – she-conomy. However, for luxury vehicle brands, it’s just a novel slot to crack in their hunt for volumes.

Country’s female consumers are now showing growing attention towards luxury vehicles. As more and more firms aim this section with goods and services customized to cater to female vehicle buyers, their numbers are commencing to make biz sense.

“Take Mercedes Benz whose room of cars and sport utility vehicles earlier attracted a small number of female purchasers. As per a company survey in the year 2011, around 5 per cent of all Mercedes purchasers were females. However, that trend is commencing to transform thanks to the novel A Class, rolled out by end of May 2013,” stated Eberhard Kern, MD & chief executive officer, Mercedes-Benz India.

“The A Class is alluring an entirely novel class of clients that is normally between twenty five to thirty five years old and the share of female purchasers is much higher than other cars. Almost all A Class purchasers are self drivers and amazingly they are spread crosswise the nation, both in metropolitans in addition to in Tier 2 &3 cities.”

Indian Women Purchasers Giving Philip to the Luxury Car Market
Arch rival BMW’s X range of sport utility vehicles are smart for females for a number of reasons.

“Females favor cars such as the X1 owing to a blend of causes, the automatic is a big draw, the vehicles are uncomplicated to manage and the run-flat tyres indicates they don’t require to stop and modify if there’s a puncture,” added the BMW spokesperson.

Ditto for Lamborghini, which stated that chief of operations Pavan Shetty, has “recently started getting some enquiries from female prospects however mostly from metropolitans.” “We had some female buffs take part in the track experience in the national capital and we were pleasingly astonished with the ease with which they drove. With the lavish vehicle section slowly maturing in the Indian market, we anticipate the number of lady drivers of luxury vehicles to get closer to,” stated Shetty.

Michael Perschke, chief, Audi India, stated, “A good number of luxury sport utility vehicles are being purchased by women in the Indian market and for this reason, this is one of the special target sections for the brand. As part of our marketing actions, we also engage with our females spectators with exclusive openings like the “The Audi Women’s Power Drive” that brought together triumphant females from all walks of life to drive the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 crosswise strong, challenging topographies.”

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